AirPods starship drawingSource: Bob Al-Greene

What you need to know

  • Bob Al-Greene is senior illustrator at Mashable.
  • He's been drawing amazing pictures of AirPods turned into starships.
  • They're more awesome than you'd dare hope.

Just when you didn't think AirPods could get any cooler, someone comes up with a way to do exactly that. Like illustrator Bob Al-Greene who's been drawing AirPods as starships over on Twitter.

There are currently three different drawings that look amazing, with two of them featuring the AirPods Charging Case.

Just look at these drawings! I mean, if someone made a case that looked anything like these I'd so buy one.

But it's the AirPod earbud that's my personal favorite!

Be sure to give Bob Al-Greene a follow on Twitter, just in case there are more drawings to come!

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