Comic: The Ever-Changing Definition of "Pro"

but apple wont sell me that mac. life is hard and full of tears!

the bar is cool and all- but its not hundreds of dollars cool. youre not just paying for the touch bar.

youre paying extra to make other people jealous that you have the new model first!

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  • I'd only be jealous that someone can waste money on that and not be bothered about it. It isn't a "changed definition" of Pro, it is that people aren't letting Apple define Pro. Pro usually means way more powerful than consumer. 16gig != way more. It is the same as Pro-sumer. 32gig doesn't hurt battery as much as a quad-core. I could forgive a dualcore in a laptop, but 16gig doesn't make Pro anymore. Remember "think different"? Or the 1984 commercial? Why is everyone seemingly angry that we want to "think different" and "not be the same" and have a more powerful machine? I miss the clones...
  • 32GB does hurt battery, a lot, otherwise Apple would've included it. "Pro" doesn't technically mean that it has to be significantly more powerful than the other machines, it just means it has to be capable of professional tasks. 16GB is fine for photo editing, 4K video editing, software development, running VMs, and plenty of other Pro tasks. Apple would've given a 32GB option if it were possible
  • “32gig doesn't hurt battery as much as a quad-core.” This is not true. First, quad-core Macbooks have been around for over five years, nothing to it. Inactive cores can be put to sleep; system RAM is always-on. That's a big reason why the older iPhones were always RAM-starved, despite the relative cheapness of chips.
  • hee too shay "comic book guy" :) That black guy seems like a cool dude.