Digital Offer: Softorino YouTube Converter for Mac is only $10!

YouTube is the number one stop for online videos, thanks to its massive library of diverse media — find music videos, classic movies, viral clips, and more. Until now, you've needed a steady internet connection to enjoy YouTube. Air-travel and remote areas, for example, were a problem for your YouTube watching, but that's about to change.

If you want to enjoy YouTube everywhere, you need an app that downloads videos for safe storage on your Apple device. You want to keep the videos at their native, high quality, and you want a simple user interface to manage everything.

Right now, iMore Digital Offers has a great deal on Softorino YouTube Converter — pick it up for only $10, which is 50% off the regular price. Once you buy this program, it sticks with you forever.

With Softorino YouTube Converter, all you have to do is copy a YouTube link — Softorino monitors your clipboard automatically, so anytime it sees a link, it will begin downloading the video. How easy is that?

Any ads you'd normally see on YouTube are non-existent here, and you can even download from Facebook, Vimeo, and Instagram. Because the videos are imported to iTunes, they're easily transferred to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, and remain in the highest quality possible — even 4K.

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Sick of losing access to YouTube when you're traveling or in a remote location? Download all your favorite videos and watch them anytime you want, ad-free. Softorino YouTube Converter is a great app at a great price. Don't wait, this deal won't last long.

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