Digital Offers: Grab the complete Machine Learning Bundle for just $40

Ever wish you could take some of your extra money and double or even triple it on the stock market? Unfortunately, the market is tricky, it can be hard to know what to do, how to read the trends and figure out where the money is to be made. Luckily, you can get started with all you need to know for only a small investment.

With this complete Machine Learning bundle for just $40 you can get access to 64 lectures, 11 hours of content and more at anytime you want it. You can set up historical price databases in MySQL using Python, learn Python libraries and even access the source code any time as a continued resource.

Some of the other benefits of the bundle include:

  • Access 64 lectures & 11 hours of content 24/7
  • Get a crash course in quantitative trading from stocks & indices to momentum investing & backtesting
  • Discover machine learning principles like decision trees, ensemble learning, random forests & more
  • Set up a historical price database in MySQL using Python
  • Learn Python libraries like Pandas, Scikit-Learn, XGBoost & Hyperopt
  • Access source code any time as a continuing resource

You'll want to take advantage of this $40 bundle to get yourself started down the right path. Whether it is something you want to turn into a career at some point or just a way to try and make a few extra bucks, this bundle is worth checking out.

You'd normally pay just under $800 for it, making the $40 price tag a 94% savings through iMore Offers.

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