Early tomorrow morning I'm jumping in a plane and flying to San Francisco, California for Macworld|iWorld 2013. Since it's been well below -20 celsius in Montreal this week, I'm looking even more forward to it than usual.

Leanna Lofte, who usually covers the SF events with me, just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Lucy Danae Lofte, so she's sitting this one out. There are very few people in our line of work with her camera skills, so to make sure we keep the level of quality you guys expect and deserve, we're bringing Martin Reisch with us this year. Yeah.

There'll be a lot going on, and we'll be doing our best to bring you with us every step of the way with photo journals, videos, podcasts, and a bunch of social sharing. Here's the plan so far:

  • Monday: Arrive. Hang.
  • Tuesday: Head up to TWiT in Petaluma to shoot MacBreak Weekly with Leo and the gang. It'll be nice to be in the same room with everyone for once!
  • Wednesday: Hoping to head down to Cupertino and visit the Apple Company Store.
  • Thursday: I'll be on a panel called iCloud, App Stores, and other Things To Fear: Has Apple Forgotten Power Users? hosted by Macworld's Lex Friedman, with John Gruber, Paul Kafasis, and Matthew Panzarino at 1pm.
  • Friday/Saturday: We'll be covering the show, bringing you back everything you need to know.
  • Sunday: Head back home.

There will be tons of other stuff happening in and around all that, so make sure you keep your browsers locked to iMore's Macworld|iWorld page, and subscribe to the iMore YouTube channel to get all the latest videos as soon as inhumanly possible.

And for up-to-the-minute stuff, including everything and anything unfit for print, you can follow @reneritchie and @safesolvent on Twitter.

Last year Macworld|iWorld completed their transition from trade show to epicenter of the community, from a place to see Apple stuff to place to meet and enjoy the company of fellow Apple enthusiasts. I can't wait to see what they have in store for all of us this year.

Let me know what you'd like to see from our Macworld|iWorld coverage, and if you're going to be there are well, please do come up and say hello!