Digital Offers: Save now on the PowerTime Apple Watch Charging Dock with 3 USB ports!

The Apple Watch is great, but let's face it: the charger it comes with is a bit of a pain in the butt. Not only does the magnet slip off if disturbed even a little, but having too many cables and cords around your bedside table or at the office can get overwhelming and cluttered and looking ugly.

While one alternative option is to pick up a charging dock or stand, it's hard to decide on something that's versatile and multi functioning while still being reliable enough to charge your Apple Watch through the night. There are dozens of charging dock options out there and all of them have mixed reviews, so it's difficult to pick out something consistent and well-made that looks good with your Apple tech and suits your everyday needs.

The PowerTime Apple Watch Charging Dock isn't only a charging dock for your Apple Watch – it also come equipped with 3 additional USB ports, making easy charging of your iPhone, iPad, and so much more so super simple!

This charging dock allows you to charge your watch without a wire, while providing the option to charge three more USB-compatible devices, all in the same compact location. Designed for Apple Watch, this can be the central charging hub for all of your devices.

Normally for an item like this, you would have to spent close to $50, but with iMore Digital Offer's, you'll only spend $44.99 on this essential home and office accessory.

Make charging your Apple Watch even easier

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The PowerTime Apple Watch Charging Dock is designed with an anti-scratch silicon-based surface for a clean, minimal look, while the dock promises to charge your tech at an optimized, safe rate.

Declutter your charging space with the Apple Watch cable contained within the dock.

While the Apple Watch is amazing, the charging cable isn't, so do yourself a favor and save some cash with iMore Digital Offers by picking up the PowerTime Apple Watch Charging Dock with 3 charging ports. Your tech – and your battery life! – will thank you

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