It's been a number of months since Apple introduced their AirPods, and reactions have been mixed since the very beginning.

From memes comparing them to Q-tips and dental floss, to others complaining about their small size and lose-ability, to some saying they were some of the best wireless earphones they've ever used, the word AirPod certainly inspires to polarize the masses.

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But now that a bit of time has passed… Are you still in love with your AirPods?


I haven't had mine the whole 4 months but curious to see how everyone is still feeling about the AirPods since they've been out for a while. I love mine (using them now) and definitely happy with my purchase!


If you join our forum discussion, you'll see that there are still quite a few people who are gaga about their 'Pods...


Best set of earphones to date for me!


Have had them since launch day. Enjoy them still. It makes me feel like I'm wearing technology from the future.


But what do you think?

Join in on our forum discussion and have your voice heard as to why AirPods are awesome – or a total dud!