Macworld Expo 2009 (Under Construction)

Preparations are being made, packing and unpacking is being done -- and from these pics posted by (via Giz) we can see Apple is mounting their last ever Macworld booth (aka Apple Store Mobile). 2007 was the iPhone. 2008 was the MacBook Air and Time Capsule. 2009 will be... whatever's lurking beneath those pantone black curtains?

iPhone nano? Media server? New Nvidia-powered iMacs and Mac Minis? Netbooks? iTablets? Steve Jobs with a full-on puppeteering kit for the new, animatronic iPhil?

We'll find out in a couple days, and TiPb will be there live to cover it!

Meanwhile, looks like January 4, 2010 will be the kickoff time next year. And as for the theme? Check it out, after the jump...

Rene Ritchie

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