AirPods on an iPhone

What you need to know

  • The next generation of AirPods could go into production soon.
  • That would mean that they might go on sale in time for the holidays.
  • DigiTimes cites the infamous "industry sources".

Apple's suppliers might be getting ready to put the next generation of AirPods into production as soon as October. That's if a teased report by DigiTimes and shared by MacRumors is correct, of course.

The consistently inconsistent outlet says that Apple's suppliers are getting their ducks in a row ahead of mass production, meaning it might not be all that long before the new AirPods appear on store shelves, too.

Assembling for new-gen AirPods to kick off as early as October Apple's suppliers are gearing up for assembling for the next-generation AirPods as early as October, according to industry sources.

The story was previewed earlier but it isn't yet available online. It's likely more information will be gleaned once we get our hands on it, but for now the idea of new AirPods before the year is out is intriguing.

Back in April Ming-Chi Kuo said that two sets of AirPods would likely be ready for mass production between the fourth quarter of 2019 and the first of 2020. One of those is expected to be an updated version of AirPods that went on sale in March , whereas the other is believed to be a much bigger update.

That second pair of AirPods is expected to have a new design and cost more than the standard AirPods we've become accustomed to. With that in mind it's likely that the AirPods DigiTimes wrote about are a slight refresh of the current model, although we'll have to wait for the full story to go live before we know for sure.