Official: No Steve-Note at Apple's LAST Macworld

And lo, Steve Jobs opened the 7th seal, and there was silence at Macworld.

Apple just made it official (opens in new tab) folks, Phil Schiller will be presenting the Keynote, and after that, Apple will no longer be attending Macworld, leaving WWDC as possibly the only show big left for Apple and Steve Jobs.

Is this the end of an era, or the beginning of something new? Does no Steve-note mean no Macworld for anyone? What will this do to expectations? And will it make Apple's "special events" even more special?

Rene Ritchie

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  • ..........I'm pissed Steve is one thing but no more macworld is just wrong! Why Apple why?
  • Seems a bit odd. Wonder what there up to?
  • Hmm, it probably only means that Steve Jobs will be acting behind the scenes more... But I hope Macworld doesn't go away. I always liked how the newest bestest releases were all announced at once. W/e... As long as they make the iPhone better and better, I'm cool.
  • ok. Who's going to start the online petition? I'll definately sign. We'll miss you Steve. :'(
    I need steve...
    This is a sad day for apple and its legacy
  • Either Steve's really sick and this is a cover, or we are all losing something that was really fun to anticipate and follow.
  • .........???????......=(
  • As much as I wanna see Steve delivering the notes, maybe this is better for Apple. Steve's remaining years as a functional CEO are declining in number and the public masses must be prepared for his departure (sooner or later). If his final departure from the company takes place suddenly, Apple might take a bigger hit and might take some time to recover.
    My 2 cents.
  • No,i need steve...:(
  • This makes total sense. Trade shows aren't nearly as relevant as they once were, especially with the success of Apple retail stores. Besides, what part of Macworld is usually the most anticipated, followed, and discussed? The keynote. Apple can have a "keynote" anytime they want. They did it twice recently to introduce new iPods and notebooks. The keynotes will live on in the form of "special events".
    No big deal for me, and that's coming from a fairly large Apple fanboy.
  • This sucks... I'm in mourning... :cry:
  • omg. Wow. That's not great news at all. I guess Steve is gettin too good for us !
  • WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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