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Apple's holding its third and likely final special event of the fall (and year) on Tuesday, November 10. The online event will almost certainly focus on the company's first Apple Silicon Macs and macOS Big Sur. A few other new products could also make their debut. Here's what we expect next week.

New Macs

As I noted nearly a month ago, it's hoped Cupertino reveals not one, but at least two Apple Silicon Macs this year. The most likely candidates are a next-generation 12-inch MacBook or redesigned MacBook Pro. We could also see an Apple Silicon-based Mac mini make its debut.

Less likely next week is the arrival of the first Apple Silicon iMac. Rumors suggest we won't see one of those models until the first half of 2021.

Announced in June, the arrival of Apple Silicon will eventually mean the end of Intel-based Macs, putting Mac more inline with other Apple products like iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV. Besides, Apple has already released a new 27-inch iMac this year, which just so happens to be our top iMac of the year.


It's been long rumored that Apple is working on a Tile-like device tracking product, tentatively called AirTags. And yet, we've heard nothing from Apple directly about the new accessory. AirTags should be revealed next week. And yet, if they don't, I'll begin to wonder whether AirTags are the new AirPower and will never get a release date.

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In October, Apple unveiled the HomePod mini. Other new audio-based products have long been rumored to be making a debut in 2020. These could include new AirPods, a pair of Apple-branded premium over-ear headphones, and more. Like AirTags, these audio products probably should have been revealed last month during the iPhone 12 event. Because they were not, it's becoming increasingly likely we won't see them at all this year.

Apple TV

The fifth-generation Apple TV was released three years ago. Since then, the company has spent a lot of capital on bringing an Apple TV app to other platforms, including smart televisions. A new physical Apple TV is likely to offer more storage and a better chip. Beyond this, little is know about the product.

Another surprise

Everyone knew Apple would reveal four new iPhones last month. And yet, few knew about the MagSafe technology that's built into the iPhone 12 series before its reveal. This type of surprise could be duplicated next week.

In announcing next week's event, Apple used Steve Jobs' infamous tag, "One More Thing." This could be a clue something unexpected is also being announced on November 10 that extends beyond new Macs or audio devices.

What do you want to see next week?

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