Parallels Desktop 14 for Mac is now available with significant speed and storage enhancements

Parallels is a brand known for its awesome software that allows you to run a virtual installation of Windows on your Mac with ease, and today the company has announced Parallels Desktop 14 for Mac. This new release brings along a bunch of great features, including macOS Mojave compatibility, meaning it will be ready to use when Apple officially releases the software during the fall.

Beyond support for the new operating system, this new release launches up to four times faster, saves around 20GB of disk space during the install, and more. If you still won't have enough storage space to run both operating systems at once, you could always grab an external drive to run Windows off of.

Some of the other speed enhancements include:

  • Up to 80 percent faster application launch
  • Up to 10 percent faster boot time
  • Up to 30 percent faster suspend operation on APFS partition
  • Up to 130 percent more frames per second in Shared Camera
  • Up to 17 percent more frames per second in Coherence view mode

There are a few different pricing options here. If you are an existing Parallels license holder, you can upgrade to the new version for just $49.99. If you don't have one, you can buy a standard license for $79.99 or a pro license for $99.99. The pro option offers more virtual RAM and CPU power, along with a bunch of other great features. If you don't need all of the latest features, you can grab a copy of Parallels 13 for just $54 at Amazon.

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Jared DiPane

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