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What you need to know

  • We first heard about AirPods Pro Lite last week.
  • Now DigiTimes says production has been delayed.
  • There were planned to launch in Q2 of 2020, that's now not happening.

We heard last week that Apple was supposedly working on AirPods Pro Lite, possibly with a release window in the second quarter of the year. But now, according to DigiTimes, that isn't going to happen.

When DigiTimes first outed AirPods Pro last week we didn't know exactly what they were, and while there's been a little more clarification this time around, we still don't really know what to expect. However, it does seem that the unannounced earbuds are a lower-end version of AirPods Pro. Either way, don't expect to be buying them soon.

Production of the ‌AirPods Pro‌ Lite, an entry-level version of Apple's ‌AirPods Pro‌ series, is unlikely to kick off in the second quarter as originally planned, according to industry sources.

It's likely that the – claimed – delay is related to the ongoing difficulties companies like Foxconn are having in relation to coronavirus. Factories aren't currently running at capacity, impacting other companies that can't assemble devices without parts from China.

This DigiTimes report is a snippet of a fuller report that I expect to arrive tomorrow. I have my fingers crossed for a little more clarification on what we can expect from these AirPods Pro Lite.