Sponsored Post: Macheist Bundle -- $627 of Apps for $39

Not strictly speaking a sponsorship but a referral -- if you want a Macheist bundle, and decide to buy through TiPb, you get the same great Mac software bundle for $39 and we get a small percentage for sending you their way.

If you're not familiar with Macheist, they're the sometimes controversial, always entertaining Mac software marketers who put together variety pacs of Mac apps at super-discounted prices. I've bought the previous two bundles, and I bought this year's bundle as well. I never really have use for all the apps, but there's always one or two that are worth the price of the bundle all by themselves (this year, for me, it's Acorn, WireTap Studio, Espresso, and maybe Kinemac).

25% of the sale price goes to charity, and for iPhone users on the Mac, this year's pack contains PhoneView, which lets you access SMS logs, your call history, disk storage, and more. Also bundled up are iSale, Picturesque, SousChef, World of Goo, LittleSnapper, Acorn, Kinemac, WireTap Studio, and -- and still to be unlocked -- BoinxTV, The Hit List, and Esperesso. If you're one of the first 25,000 buyers (currently at 20,017!) you get Big Bang Board Games thrown in. And with the guys at Macheist, you never know what else might pop up.

Want a ton of great Mac software at a mind-boggling price and support TiPb at the same time? Go check out Macheist now!