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Elago turns your Apple Watch into a Mac Plus, and it's adorable

Warning: May make your head explode with cuteness.

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Tracing the 'SE' name through history

While the iPhone SE may be a great small phone, it's not the first Apple product to wear the "SE" badge. Macs stretching way back to 1987 and a couple of iPods have been designated as Special Editions by Apple over the years.

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The e is for Education

The eMac G4 was a unique — but mostly forgettable — 2000s-era Macintosh, designed for the classroom.

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The Macintosh TV: The worst of both worlds

While the Apple TV may be making headlines this month, even the original box previewed in 2006 wasn't Apple's first major foray into television.

For that, we need to take a trip to 1993.

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The rise and fall of Apple's all-in-one machines

Apple's used the all-in-one design for Mac models from day one, but the concept has evolved heavily since 1984.

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Getting a 1990 Mac on the 2015 Web

It's been almost 25 years since Apple stopped making the Mac Plus. Can it still access the Internet?

The venerable Mac Plus was one of the most popular models of "classic" Macintosh. Many old-school Mac users remember it fondly. After two decades, can the Mac Plus still access the Internet? One intrepid fan decided to find out.

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When is fixing your Mac just throwing good money after bad?

Does it make sense to fix my old Mac when it breaks, or am I better off buying a new one?

This scenario replays almost every time I go to work at the local Apple retailer: A customer walks in with an older Mac that isn't working right. It happens sooner or later with just about any reasonably complicated device you own, whether it's your car, your washing machine, TV set, or even your Mac. So what's the answer?

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Mac sales keep kicking ass; how does Apple sustain the momentum?

Apple's Mac sales kicked all sorts of ass last quarter. Apple moved 5.52 million Macs last quarter, generating more than $6.6 billion in revenue. So where does Apple go from here?

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Five things you need to know about the new Retina iMac

On Thursday Apple took the wraps off a new 5K iMac — the first desktop Mac to receive Apple's vaunted Retina display treatment. It's a fancy piece of kit, not necessary the best choice for every possible Mac user, but an interesting offering especially if high-end content creation is your bag. You probably have some questions, so here's what you really need to know about the Retina iMac, all in one place.

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What will Apple's September 9th event mean for the Mac?

Apple's let the cat out of the bag: There will be an Apple event in September. It's scheduled for September 9th and it happens at the Flint Center, where Apple historically introduced the Macintosh 30 years ago. It seems like a sure thing that Apple will introduce the iPhone 6, but what role will the Mac play at the event?

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