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What you need to know

  • If you look closely there's a little Apple Watch Easter egg in your new AirPods Max.

Apple's new AirPods Max are being delivered to people who placed orders or fell lucky at an Apple Store and some are noticing something pretty cool. There's an Apple Watch hidden inside.

Sort of, anyway.

Leaker @l0vetodream got hold of a pair of AirPods Max and immediately took the ear cushion off to take a look inside. As they note, the speaker holes look very familiar. Very familiar indeed.

The fact the holes look just like the famous honeycomb app layout found on your Apple Watch is surely more than a coincidence. I'd wager there's an Apple engineer somewhere in Apple Park that's grinning away to themselves right now.

Dare I say some of Apple's whimsy is on its way back?

Worth the wait

Apple Airpods Max Color Blue

AirPods Max

High-fidelity audio

You can purchase a pair of AirPods Max in five different colors, space gray, silver, green, sky blue, and pink.

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