Twelve apps for your Mac that will help you unleash your creative side!

When you're a creative, the apps for your Mac are everything. They help you work, play, and create with greater efficiency, but finding the right apps can be a little daunting. The best apps aren't free, so it may be tough to make the right decision where to spend your money wisely. Don't worry, iMore is here to help you out!

Get 12 amazing creative apps for a fraction of the price!

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The Supersized Creative Mac Bundle will give you access to 12 powerful apps geared towards creative types just like you! Whether you do design, photography, print publishing, sound mixing, or video editing, The Supersized Creative Mac Bundle has the apps for you!

Just look at some of the great apps that are included in this fantastic bundle:

  • Storyist for Mac
  • Silo 2
  • Aurora HDR
  • PhotoZoom Classic 7
  • Roxio Toast Express
  • FaceFilter 3 Pro
  • FotoMagico 5
  • Printworks
  • Movavi Photo Editor for Mac
  • MyBrushes for Mac
  • And more!

If you purchased all these apps separately, you'd be paying over $1200. Right now, through iMore Digital Offers, you can get all 12 apps all for only $29. Whether you plan to make use of all the apps or just some of them, you just can't beat the value of this bundle of creative apps at such a discounted price!

If you're serious about being a creative, you need to turn your Mac into the ultimate creating machine. The Supersized Creative Mac Bundle is the cheapest way to prepare yourself for any project you want to take on!

12 powerful creative apps for only $29!

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