1080p Apple TV shipments start arriving early

If you're hoping to get your new 3rd-generation new iPad in the mail early, maybe the fact that some 2012 Apple TV units are hitting doorsteps today will give you some hope. We got this shot of the brand-spanking-new Apple TV delivered safely to the home of one of our New York readers. Reviews of the latest model have been pretty good, though there's nothing hugely groundbreaking. Yeah, it can handle 1080p video streams, but the updated user interface will be available through a software update on older Apple TVs too.

Thanks Damon!

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1080p Apple TV shipments start arriving early


Yes. I've already updated both of my Apple TV 2's. Also, the FedEx tracking on my ATV3 says it's on the truck for delivery today, although they already brought my smart cover and didn't leave any other boxes. I'm hoping because I hadn't put out my delivery pre-sign sheet yet...

WTH! Fedex must be playing with mine. It was in Nashville for 4 days, now it's in Indianapolis....I live in Kansas City!