Apple launching iTunes Replay in the coming weeks?

iTunes Replay is the rumored name of the rumored Apple subscription video streaming service rumored to compete with the likes of Netflix. Apple Insider reported on the rumors a while back, and now App Advice hears it might be coming soon.

There's talk you'll be able to stream content purchased as far back as January of 2009. We're not sure what will happen to content purchased before that. There's also talks of certain content only being available for re-downloaded five times. This lines up with Apple traditionally allowing 5 computers to be authorized to play purchased content under one iTunes account. iTunes Replay is basically just an add-on to what Apple is currently offering with re-downloading content via iCloud. It should also be interesting to see if iTunes Match content will be integrated into iTunes Replay. If we can simply stream a lot of our content, it will free up precious storage space on our devices.

iTunes Replay is the name Apple is using internally for the service. It's rumored it will stay the same upon launch but until then, we won't know for sure. We'll have more as it develops.

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Reader comments

Apple launching iTunes Replay in the coming weeks?


"you’ll be able to stream content purchased as far back as January of 2009"
This part sounds fishy. The recent Apple TV update allows you to stream any TV show you purchased at all. After updating, it had a TON of oldies, most of which were the free downloads that I never watched (and likely never will). If I can stream it on my Apple TV, I don't see any reason why I wouldn't be able to stream it to my iOS device, if that's where Apple is going with this.

I'm not seeing where this would compete against Netflix considering this is just video streamed from iTunes that you bought where Netflix gives you a whole database of movies and tv shows for one set price

If iTunes Replay includes all video content on iTunes, Replay could be a real threat to Netflix and Hulu+. The content in iTunes is much more extensive than Hulu+ and more current than Netfix (at least with tv shows).
If the service only allows streaming of already purchased content, Replay would be DOA in my mind. Why would I want to pay again to watch the same content I previously paid for?
I'm eagerly awaiting more news about this service.