Is there new Apple TV hardware coming soon, or isn't there?

Apple offering iTunes gift cards with Apple TV purchase, new Apple TV just around the corner?

Apple is offering a $25 iTunes gift card with a new Apple TV purchase. Store personnel were apparently informed this morning that this deal will run from today until next Wednesday, March 5. The deal is available in Apple Retail Stores as well as the Apple Online Store. This promotion could be leading up to the announcement of a new Apple TV, says 9to5Mac:

This deal only reinforces rumors that we will see an updated Apple TV within the next few months or even weeks. If you aren’t in dire need of a new Apple TV, we recommend holding out to see what features the new TV may bring and if they aren’t to compelling we expect to see every deeper discounts on the 3rd generation model.

There's been speculation on a fourth-generation Apple TV for a little while. Do you think that this is an indication that it will appear soon, and are you seeing this deal in an Apple Store near you? Let us know below in the comments.

Update: Jim Dalrymple of The Loop has said there's no new Apple TV hardware coming any time soon.

Source: Apple, 9to5Mac

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Reader comments

Is there new Apple TV hardware coming soon, or isn't there?


I sincerely hope they don't offer the iTunes card to incentivize folks to buy the 3rd generation model, only to offer a new and improved 4th generation model shortly thereafter. That will really get folks upset.

It's similar to Christmas time - when companies sell a lot of product to time the stock depletion ahead of new products coming out in the early part of the year; especially in the case of electronics.

Sure this is an incentive; Apple wishes to deplete its stock ahead of a new arrival. People are getting a "discount" for it; they have no reason to get upset, since Apple's release patterns are relatively predictable with a little homework. And since people are getting a price break to have something now.

People know Apple is not a discount retailer; if they are giving an incentive/promotion, then a product update is most likely imminent.

Agreed. And unlike some other hardware manufacturers, chances are the current gen will get most, if not all, the updates.

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Not really upset. It's all part of the tech upgrade cycle. Caveat emptor.
But really:

1. It's only $74 after all.
2. It's still going to be a great little set-top-box even after the next-gen is released.
3. Some features from the next-gen Apple TV software will run on the 3rd gen model.

Apple's most important products are on relatively predictable upgrade cycles. Not Apple TV. Consumers who pay any attention have been trained to expect iPhone and iPad updates in late Q3 and early Q4, more or less. Mac / iPod / Apple TV updates happen whenever Apple thinks the products are ready, throughout the year. And some of the supply chain scheduling is completely out of their control (thanks to Intel.)

This is the natural order of a retail business model.
I am eagerly anticipating what Apple may reveal for the Apple TV (probably at the WWDC, though).

Can't wait to see the new one, hope it's priced the same. I just bought a new one back in Nov for Black Friday but I'll still get another if the new features are cool enough.

I wonder does the gift card apply if you buy a refurbed model which goes for 75$ already at the Apple store?

My memory may be a little fuzzy on this, but hasn't Apple done multiple promotions like this for the current generation of Apple TV already (giving away $15-25 worth of iTunes credit with purchase?)

Having said that, Apple TV is an amazing device. It's one of those things that you wonder why you need it until you've lived with it for a while and then you don't want to live without it. Even if they are going to introduce a 4th generation model soon, it's still a worthwhile purchase now, with or without the promotion (but especially with!). It provides the best experience for Netflix and there's a lot of other great content on the other apps as well (I've come to prefer Sky News over the U.S. news channels for international coverage, for instance). And for the best web video experience, Apple TV + your iPhone or iPad with AirPlay can't be beat.