Apple Releases Apple TV 3.0.2 Update

Apple has released a software update for the Apple TV, bringing their set-top box up to version 3.0.2. No word yet on what it includes -- and I won't be able to test mine until Sunday -- so if you find anything, let us know.

(9to5mac suggests it's to tie in the new wave of photo-related updates)

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Apple Releases Apple TV 3.0.2 Update


Yeah. I agree. I'm with ya on iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad (and all things related), but Apple TV? Even as an ATV owner, I think that's stretching it.

I for one appreciate the ATV updates here. Keep 'em comin'. And what's in 3.0.2. anyway? I'm downloading it now.

Seems to me it opens it up to a larger crowd, without reducing other 'news.' It's not like there is so many articles that you can't find what you're looking for. Besides if you're not interested then why did you bother to read it--the title clearly says what the topic is.
What is it with this blog, A bunch of winers--complain, complain, complain.

What are the pros and cons on apple tv I'm thinking of getting apple tv cable is just to high right now I like the fact that it has harddrive like a dvr and you can get new movies no more scratched DVDs why do you guys love it why do you hate it what makes you use it all the time

I've got this update (3.0.2) and trailers seem to have trouble playing. I've got ADSL2+. Sometimes they work but most of the time they just pause after a few seconds (no, I'm not sitting on the remote). Haven't tried anything else yet. I hope they update this update with and update that works. Or perhaps I'm the unlucky one.