Apple releases iOS 5 beta 3 for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Apple TV to developers

Apple releases iOS 5 beta 3 for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Apple TV

Apple has just released iOS 5 beta 3 (9A5259f) for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Apple TV, along with iTunes 10.5 beta 3 for Mac, and Xcode 4.3 Preview 3 for developers.

While in previous years Apple had stuck fairly closely to an every-second-Tuesday beta release schedule, iOS 5 beta 2 hit on a Friday just over two weeks after beta 1, and now beta 3 is on a Monday just under 2 weeks after beta 2. On average, the pacing remains similar, however, and Apple has previously said the release version would come this fall. (Likely September/October to coincide with iPhone 5 and perhaps other new devices.)

Interestingly, they're once again doing a traditional, tethered release. No signs of them testing the bit-differential/delta file update system yet.

If you're a paid, registered developer with Apple, go get it. What if any changes have been made in iOS 5... we'll have to wait and see. As always, we have comments below and a special iOS 5 Forum for your discussion pleasure.

(Reminder: if you're not a paid developer, stay away. Buying slots can get you scammed, and running beta software on your main device can leave you stranded. Wait for fall.)


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Apple releases iOS 5 beta 3 for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Apple TV to developers


They've all been extremely usable...just a few minor kinks. If you can't understand or live with that, you should maybe rethink having a dev account

Thanks for your smart comment but I have 3 iphone 4's and run 4.3.3 on my daily use device, so I was just saying it from a personal point of view when I said "usable" so I can run iOS5 as regular phone. I appreciate your concern but I know what I am doing with my dev account.

It is completely usable on your everyday phone. I've had iOS 5 on my (only) iPhone 4 for awhile now and I've had absolutely no problems.

I tried both beta's on my ipad and reverted back, due to pdf's not displaying more than 2 pages and frequent browser crashes.

It's been different for every version, but I think 3.0 had 4 or 5 betas.
I believe 4.0 only had 2 or 3.
That's not including the Gold Master (GM) seeds

Have they removed wireless syncing with this new beta of iOS 5 or iTunes, respectively…?! It used to work fine with beta 2 but now the devices are not being recognized by iTunes, even though WiFI sync is enabled…

I didnt actually buy slots but i am friends with some one who i actually give feedback to in his apps. So for the mean time ill know am good to go.

Thanks for all the info on ios5. Interesting reading on the new stuff coming this fall. In the mean time I'll stay with what I got, don't want to make the Angry Birds and more mad than they are.