New Apple TV, 1/4 the size, streaming only, rental only, Netflix, $99

New Apple TV with Netflix, Streaming, rentals

We don't know if it runs iOS but we do know the new Apple TV, introduced today as part of Apple's 2010 special music event, is 1/4 the size of version 1, and does away with sync and purchase for stream and rent, and bakes in Netflix all for only $99.

You'll be able to get HD Hollywood movies day and date with the DVD/BD for $4.99 and older content will cost less. TV shows from ABC and FOX will cost $0.99.

Steve Jobs calls their Netflix integration the best anywhere ('natch), and with AirPlay (the newly rebranded, expanded AirTunes) you can stream audio, video, and photos from any iOS.

Speaking of which, if the new Apple TV is running iOS Apple made no mention of it, nor did they mention apps -- or games! -- or Safari web browsing.

UPDATE: Daring Fireball says it is, indeed, running iOS. It's also powered by an Apple A4 chip, so that makes the kind of sense that does.

Mixed bag of hobby?

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Reader comments

New Apple TV, 1/4 the size, streaming only, rental only, Netflix, $99


it is a roku that does iTunes, and some streaming from local devices.
cheap and useful. not a knockout, revolutionary product, but good value if you purchase video online.
streaming music from iTunes to the TV is also useful.

If I have an existing apple tv, do you think there will be an update to add Netflix and steam to it from my iPhone?

I already pre-ordered mine. Netflix + AirPlay was all it took to sell me. I have been thinking about buying a Roku for a while now, but glad I held out for this instead.

I was hoping to store movies on it or on a hard drive attached to it so that I can put my dvds away.

I don't have a hardline for phone or Internet (as it's daylight robbery here in Ireland). My mobile Internet plan is capped at 15MB - that's not too many HD movies or TV shows in a month.
Apple is the future but Internet infrastructure needs desperately to keep up!

And those on Amazon apparently are purchases, not rentals, and can be watched offline (though the offline converter for now is PC-only). At first blush, that seems like a better deal than AppleTV/iTunes.

So can an MKV file on my Mac be played on AppleTV?, or better yet, can my MKV files stored on my usb external hard drive connected to my Mac stream?
Or do my MKV movie files need to be in my iTunes library??

Just preordered mine with overnight shipping. Netflix and airplay from my iPad/iPhone is what sold me. Hope I can attach it to a external hard drive for my other "downloaded" movies and shows. Can't wait till it ships!

Does anybody know how the youtube streaming works?
Can I stream youtube videos directly from my laptop or do I have to use the controller on Apple TV directly. Sorry if this is clear, I just can't find answer anywhere.