Did you get your Apple TV (2010) yet?

New Apple TV with Netflix, Streaming, rentals

Looks like Apple TV (2010) is starting to be delivered and several readers now claim to have them in their hot little hands. If you've gotten yours, let us know and tell us what it's like.

And if you need help setting it up, using the new features, testing it with iOS 4.2 beta, or just want to kick the discussion up a notch, check out our brand new Apple TV Forum.

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Did you get your Apple TV (2010) yet?


So far my LG tv does everything that the Apple tv will do built in. Plus my PPV online rentals are 1080p via vudu. I see no need to buy one at this point in time.

As this is essentially a media extender, if I had no desire in my Xbox or PS3 I'd buy the Apple TV. If they market it right, it will sell REALLY well to non-gamers, considering it's priced fairly decently. However considering the devices past I don't think it will hold up too well against the other devices on the market. In my opinion this will serve more as a Netflix/Hulu(maybe?) device, not so much for TV rentals. Also at this point a VGA/DVI cable from my Macbook to my TV is a more cost effective method, controlled via my iPhone 4.

@Mitchell @Rudy @49rs @Jawcl @Skew Quit wasting your hot air no one wants to hear it. I believe the question was who got theirs and what do you think? NOT, who did not get it and who likes to troll.!

Ordered mine right after Steve's keynote and received it today at about 12:45pm. Hookup was a snap. My fiance is watching hoarders via Netflix on it right now. Trying to type using the onscreen keyboard and remote is TORTURE. Luckily, I remembered the Remote app for my iPhone. Feel sorry for the rest of my non-iphone owning family though =(.

@Joseph thank you for providing some insight into how it is working for you instead taking the route others have. Please follow up after you've tested a few days. It does no good to sit and complain about a device you do not own and have no intention of doing so. Please email each other your complaints. I care not to hear them.

I like the idea but someone tell me please why apple makes products that get so hot my friend had a first gen returned it because it was extremely hot and i notice his mac book pro charger was also and i notice my ip4 gets hot when using pandora while on my dock charging is this an apple thing or what cause i got alot of tvs pcs and none put off the heat apple products and iam not bashin i just wanna know why

Do you people know how to read. Lol the title says. Did you get your apple tv(2010) yet? Not are you getting one? Or what do you think it. Do you have a ps3 of xbox 360 that does the same thing. On topic: I got mine and it does what apple said it will do. Awesome.

Matty, one of the big improvements of the new Apple TV is that it won't get hot like the original version. That's actually big reason I'm upgrading. No moving parts in the new model.

I have an original apple tv and want to upgrade. However, I use it a lot for pictures and music and the appletv connects to my amp. Unfortuantely I don't have a pc on as I just use my work laptops so no internal storage is a massive massive downer for me :(. Damn I was so looking forward to airplay !!

No. FedEX is telling me that it is still in Anchorage, Alaska. I hear that FedEX's site is reporting the incorrect tracking info. I blame you Apple!!!

Nope, and probably won't either. Since the Roku XDS can do about everything Apple TV can but do it in 1080p I'd go with that instead.

I just checked. Mine is in Anchorage. Preordered on 9/2 at 10 am. I have a ps3, roku HD, and an internet enabled big screen for ppv. I purchesed this because I like the integration of iTunes and my iPhone. Plus I am not that crazy about roku ui. Ps3 is awesome but I think if the ATV is going with apps or jailbreakable for apps then I got my moneys worth. Worst case I have a another great media streamer. Darn!

I cant see wasting my money on this one. To limited with all the other better options out there.

In New Zealand. My first impressions are very positive. Setup was a piece of cake although it would be handy if they put the MAC address on the case for those of us who have network filtering on. Streaming of HD movies (looked at trailers) showed no glitches. You Tube also perfect streaming, even for higher res ones. Which is interesting because while my ISP gives me 10Mbps they have an "issue" with YouTube which means it is often not possible to stream. Remote app works well with my library, but so far I prefer the little remote for moving around the main screen. Screens are attractive and navigation is good. Worth the money.

Got mine yesterday just intime for a get together I was having at my house. Everyone loved it. For just $99.99 you really can't go wrong.

Mine is still somewhere between the Netherlands and here (UK) I don't expect to see it until Monday, BOTHER IT.

Got mine today. Well, the atv is as expected great product! So far I have no complaints; can't wait for airplay in oct

Got mine yesterday. Great little product for a second TV as i have my ps3/360 hooked up to my main TV. Nice surprise was that it can be used as remote speakers for itunes. Iphone control is awesome as well.

Like OdysseyDFX I am badly disappointed by the new AppleTV having no internal storage. The new one means your mac/pc has to be on when using it. A massive downer for my family that use it for music, photos etc when I am not around. I have been a huge fan of the original one and encouraged many friends to get one as well. I'm really pissed off about this now and looking for another device...

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