Apple TV (2010) gallery

Apple TV (2010) is small. When you consider how much space the internal power brick takes up, it's positively tiny. Here's a look at it compared to the original Apple TV, the iPad, iPhone 4, iPod touch 4, and iPod nano (2010). Did we say it's tiny yet?

We've also included a bunch of shots of the interface so you can how similar, and yet different it is from the original Apple TV, and from the other iOS devices.

Check them out after the break.

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Apple TV (2010) gallery


Mine came in yesterday. I missed the delivery and had to go back out to the airport to pick it up. I was so excited. I brought it home and connected it all up and all I got was the iTunes icon with a USB cord pointing up to it. AFter trouble shooting it with Apple it's defective and they are having to send me a new one. I was able to get them to send it prior to them receiving this bad one. Long story short, it can't find my iTunes....dang it.

What a beautiful hardware device! I am hoping that the Dev Team makes quick progress of getting 3rd party apps involved because this is the perfectly cheap Boxee and/or XBMC device to put in every room of my home. Until then, I have no need for it's other features as my current AppleTVs running Boxee/XBMC are delivering my home server content throughout my home just fine. Although Netflix could be beneficial...

Got mine a couple of days ago. It's an awesome little box. Works great as expected from anything made by Apple. $8/month Netflix, YouTube, iTunes rentals, soon-to-come AirPlay and more....Well worth it!