Apple TV (2010) tear down, similar to iPad inside

Apple TV teardown

Apple TV (2010) barely made it off the shelves before the folks at iFixit sent us word they had a tear down under way. And it turns out this new Apple TV has a lot in common with Apple's other new iOS device this year, the iPad:

  • The Apple TV has 256 RAM, just like the 4th Generation iPod Touch and the iPad. The key marking of interest on the A4 processor package is "K4X2G643GE," which is identical to the marking found on the iPad.

  • We found Samsung K9LCG08U1M 8GB NAND flash chip inside the Apple TV! It's the same chip we found when taking apart the iPad. This is a pretty remarkable amount of storage for a $99 device.

  • We are pretty sure the flash memory is used to cache your favorite shows while they're being streamed.

  • There is an empty spot right next to the Samsung NAND flash that looks to be the perfect size for putting another Samsung NAND flash chip. Could Apple be planning a higher capacity Apple TV in the future?

  • Wi-Fi board brought to you courtesy of Panasonic! This is the first time we've seen a Wi-Fi board from Panasonic in an Apple device. A different division of Panasonic usually supplies the optical drives for Apple's laptops.

  • The Panasonic Wi-Fi board contains a Broadcom BCM4329XKUBG 802.11n Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/FM, exactly the same as the one we found on the iPad.

  • The solder pads near the side of the logic board look to be a perfect match for a dock connector! This Apple TV seems to be a couple of features shy of a full-on computer. Perhaps this logic board will be used in future iPads?

  • Apple is continuing its theme of hiding power supplies inside their devices. It's especially impressive here, considering that the Apple TV is only slightly larger than a 60 watt MacBook AC adapter.

  • The sticker on the power supply has this rating: 3.4V @ 1.75A. We'll save you the multiplication: that's just 5.95 watts!

  • Apple brags that when in standby mode, the Apple TV uses less power than a night light. We don't suggest trying to use the status LED to illuminate your dark hallways, though.

They say Apple TV is one of the easiest Apple products they've ever torn down. Good news for do-it-yourself'ers


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Apple TV (2010) tear down, similar to iPad inside


I love seeing, and reading about, the tear-down of devices. Great descriptions!!!
I wonder how often one gets broken doing this, or staging a photo with a Nano (Georgia) for example.
Kick Butt

Might need to get one of these. My ancient SD TiVo finally died last night, so while I'm upgrading my DVR I might as well add an Apple TV. (How's that for logic?)