Apple TV 3.0 is Here!

Apple TV 3.0

As rumored, Apple just announced Apple TV 3.0, with an all new interface and support for iTunes LP and iTunes Extras.

“The new software for Apple TV features a simpler and faster interface that gives you instant access to your favorite content,” said Eddy Cue, Apple’s vice president of Internet Services. “HD movies and HD TV shows from iTunes have been a huge hit with Apple TV customers, and with Apple TV 3.0 they get great new features including iTunes Extras, Genius Mixes and Internet radio.”

It also looks like Apple has (finally!) done right and -- like every other product -- moved user content above for-sale content. That's right, it looks like our videos and music, and not iTunes Store stuff, is on top, baby!

I'm downloading it now and will be back later with my thoughts, but if you're already rocking it, roll a comment our way and let us know what you think!

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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

Apple TV 3.0 is Here!


Millions and millions of happy Apple TV owners today!
Not to mention seven non-Googley TiPb stories in a row. How long can it last?

I was an early adopter of the appletv and have to see it is fantastic. I frequently "rent" movies from the Internet and have a digital library of about 700 - 800 movies. The fact that they intgrated the iPhone with the remote app is great. I use it all the time especially when there is company over. Glad apple keeps updating it's hobby.

@ Republicans Suck Dick.
If apple stuck to computer hardware there would be no iPod or iPhone. What's the difference between apple making an iPod, iPhone, or appletv ?

@Ryan and fastlane
I hear ya. Imagine how focused this blog would be if the editor owned no other Apple products except the iPhone.
Oh, wait... The it would be the Twitter-Blog. ;-p

Sort of a suped up Digital Video Recorder for Music/Video/Images etc.
Sort of like MythTV only done in hardware.

Nice update, I like the new interface. I'm just bummed still no iTunes-style vizualizer during music playback. That would be really nice during
parties. I see what you are talking about. Poor Uncle Dick. Guess I won't be talking about him any more. ( Or Puss in Boots for that matter - let's see if that makes it through! : )

Wouldn't it be logical to think that Apple is working on eventually connecting the iPhone and Apple TV, e. g. streaming video content stored on Apple TV to iPhone OTA? iPhone 4TV?

DVR? Really? I thought one of the major shortcomings of the Apple TV was that it doesn't provide a recording function. Combined with the fact that there is no iTunes video media available where I live I have deemed it a pretty useless device.

So, Im looking at replacing my Dell with an iMac, but the only reason im holding on to it is because i stream all kinds of Movies, TV and music (all downloaded) to my PS3... If I change to an imac, i dont think its compatible with the ps3. if i get an apple tv, can i stream downloaded movies and such to it? replacing the ps3 as my media center hub to the tv?

Yeah, you are correct.
I was trying to give a gloss of what it does, because I assumed the OP would have gone to the apple site if they were actually seriously interested.
I've built MythTV from source. Now you can download Mythubuntu and have it up and running in an hour and it WAY exceeds the capability of Apple TV, (other then iTunes integration). But its a geek's solution.
With Apple TV, since you need a computer anyway, you can presumably use your computer's DVD drive.

@Brian An iMac can send media to your PS3 via MediaLink
(I don't use it since I'm fine with the Apple TV, but you might want to check it out.
@CJ Xbox 360 is an awesome media extender, like Windows 7 Media Center it looks and works great, but it's too noisy for me. Apple TV is whisper quiet (though you could bbq on the dang thing, hot as it gets).
@icebike I have a friend who runs Ubantu and keeps trying MythTV but reverts back to (now Win7) media center, I think due to issues with using IR controllers.
I used to use XBMC on an original Xbox and liked that as well.

Yah I agree. Me no gusto LOL   and whatver to that.
Is anyone with me! Stop eating the apples they are rotten sometimes. Haha no me gusto!
 who's with me?!

XBMC absolutely blows Apple TV away. I built an Intel Atom machine with an 8400GS (for CUDA/VDPAU) to run XBMCLive. I can play 1080p H.264 and have about 8 - 10% CPU usage. I used an old 2.5in SATA laptop drive and some DDR2 I had collecting dust so it only cost $201 after shipping. There is also an iPhone app to control it that works really well. XBMC can be installed on an Apple TV too but the Apple TV is to slow to run anything over 720p and is to slow to run some of the more advanced skins.
With XBMC you have to try vary hard to find some media it can't play. No need to transcode crap to satisfy Apple TV.

Oh also, XBMCLive uses Lirc so it is compatible with just about any IR receiver known to man. I soldered a standard USB cable onto an old Xbox DVD Kit remote dongle and use a high end universal remote to control it.

Shabbis, Apple TV can't decode 1080p. So if iTunes went to 1080p then you would be forced to transcode your downloads to 720p to be compatible with the Apple TV. Apple loves to build crap that is subpar so they can nickle and dime you for the latest and greatest subpar device year after year.

Ok, so if I were to build a media center from scratch, what's the best way to go? I am not super technical but can learn to put most systems together with a free weekend. Only caveat is the system would need to be able to play closed captions as I am deaf. Thanks for your suggestions.