New Apple TV confirmed to be running iOS

New Apple TV with Netflix, Streaming, rentals

Apple TV is indeed running iOS according to a TUAW tipster whose confirmed the 2010 model is the iprod2 previously seen in code strings.

So... Jailbreak and run apps? How would that boost sales?


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New Apple TV confirmed to be running iOS


iOS? I won't get too excites. At least not Until you can run apps on that thing. If the dev team would be able to somehow accomplish this, I will donate $99 to them via paypal!
Long lice the jailbreak community!

The Cocoa ecosystem Apple has developed is one of their secret weapons. They haven't put all the R&D in it for nothing. I expect they'll see a huge ROI through the numerous iDevices they can bring to market because of it.

Are you kidding? How will this boost sales? Apple TV is a potentially great casual game console in disguise. Granted, not for existing games with a touch interface. Just like iPad, a whole new genre of iOS games are screaming to be written with iPhone/iTouch as controllers, or even better, find a way to hack a wireless console controller (PS3 or Xbox). We know it has the horsepower to run pretty decent games, I think the only tech hurdle is where to store the game code? Maybe it can load into memory from a NAS or Mac/PC much like it streams media.
Just to reiterate- $99 Apple game console FTW!!!

@ Bildy,
Game console??? not so much.. game console is dying... I don't know about apple TV being a game console, but if it indeed running on iOS then there will be much more you can do on the 55in besides watching tv n photos...

It probably is iOS. It's so scalable that they can modify and run the new iPod nano and apple tv and still power the iPad and iPhone

How much internal storage does the device have(if any)? How do you get apps onto it? How do you control those apps? Do I have enough questions?

Dear dev-team, please enable USB port for external drive and Magic Trackpad for multitouch gestures, then give Hungwell and JNGold their Angry Birds fix. On steroids.
Or just make AirPlay stream the game to Apple TV while the iPhone/iPad remains the controller. Or maybe Apple's going to do that already...

I think a big part of the problem with running stuff from the Apps store on an AppleTV would be that it would look terrible on a large screen. Look at some of the iPhone apps on the iPad. How do you think that would translate to a large screen?

Most flocked to iOS because of its multitouch interface. I'm not sure how you transfer that experience to the tv.

Why is this such a surprise? The AppleTV website says its running the A4 processor.
If there was any doubt that iOS was running under the hood, the would mean you speculated OS/X was running on a A4 processor. That would be newsworthy!

Apple absolutely must bring the App Store to Apple TV. The real "killer app" on the Apple TV platform will be the App Store itself. Why? Because it will allow Apple to show 720p iAds on the family HDTV set now. And eventually 1080p iAds. And that means big $$$ for Apple, for advertisers, and for game and video app developers. (BTW I'm pretty sure this is the reason why Apple takes so long to create iAds. They need to be carefully designed to look good on everything from 3.5" iDevices to 60"+ HDTV screens.)

As I have mentioned before, my guess is that Apple won't open up ATV to outside software developers for some time. The primary 3rd party apps that would be developed for it would be for media content delivery, which is exactly what Apple wants to set up in their new video rental service. AirPlay could be set up in such a way that games running on an iPad, Touch, or iPhone could stream video and audio to ATV, without opening up ATV for development. If ATV is left closed, Apple can build up its own video delivery services without running afoul of the FCC. Also, frankly, there's not much a TV is good for other than showing video content. Why would you want to stop watching TV to check your Facebook or Twitter account?
Additionally, a touch interface for a console gaming system sounds like a terrible idea. Also, ATV plus two Touches is an incredibly expensive and unsatisfying way to play games on your TV. Compared to current consoles with movement controllers with buttons, ATV will not be a contender in the console market. The primary draw to ATV will be as a cheap Netflix and iTunes streamer for at least the first year. It was clearly designed for that function and for little else. The first sign that Apple is seriously going to open ATV up for app development will be when it has local storage again.

A few of you are getting hung up on the touch interface. I agree it won't work standing and swiping across your bigscreen tv (if they even sell touchscreens that big). Apple proved iOS is flexible enough to support different features for different hardware (ala iPad vs iPhone). And forget existing apps- apple announced like 2500 iPad specific apps on launch. Give us access to a real button controller like ps3 utilizing whatever technology the existing remote uses (Bluetooth?) and developers will wow us with great console style games within weeks, written just for ATV.

Can imagine first app jailbreakers will have is one that can save the movie stream forever :)

@BNV6, Reparatur München,
At least I think Apple TV wont turn into a game console.. It just cant....... Most of the game on the app store is designed to be using a finger to play. adding another hardware to it wont have that feeling anymore. thats what makes the game on iphone so unique.
@sockrolid I like your comment lol... cant wait to see the iAds..