Apple TV sales last year topped $1 billion, Cook says it's 'Difficult to call it a hobby'

Apple TV sales last year topped  billion, Cook says it's 'Difficult to call it a hobby'

At the company's annual shareholder's meeting today, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced that the Apple TV generated $1 billion in sales in 2013. This includes both device sales, as well as content sold on the Apple TV. Tim Cook indicated to shareholders that the device is no longer a hobby to Apple, according to Reuters:

"It's a little more difficult to call it a hobby these days," Cook told shareholders at the company's headquarters in Cupertino.

Now that the Apple TV is becoming increasingly important for Apple, and with a new version expected later this year, what direction would you like to see them take the device? Let us know below in the comments.

Source: Reuters, Recode

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Reader comments

Apple TV sales last year topped $1 billion, Cook says it's 'Difficult to call it a hobby'


"It's a little more difficult to call it a hobby these days,"

Does this mean Apple is going to officially bring the Apple TV out of the "hobby" status into something more Apple "mainstream" with a new & improved Apple TV device this year?
(One can dream)

I would think that the $1 billion in sales figure would represent only boxes sold (and not media) since, if you do the math, that's only 10 million units... which sounds about right from what I've heard.

The Article said devices sold and media bought on the device.

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yeah, that makes sales kind of difficult to interpret, but it appears to be much lower than anyone thought (unless nobody buys iTunes content from the AppleTV)

At around $100 apiece $1 billion would represent 10 million units (if they hadn't included purchases). 100 million units would be $10 billion.

I finally got an Apple TV a couple of months ago. It's a great little box for a hobby. It's changed the way we interact with the TV. The family and I actually watch YouTube together on the TV. Plus, Netflix is easy to browse through on an Apple TV. I was just at a friend's house who had a glorious 60" screen "Smart TV," but it was a pain to scroll through. Horrible interface.

I appreciate that in the US it's still difficult to cut the cable, but here in the UK, we have a wide variety of streaming services which make cable cutting a sensible (and cheap) option. At the moment the only boxes which offer an anywhere near complete selection of UK streaming services are the PS3, and the Xbox 360. Both are of course, rather old and clunky now.

Here at least then, there is a gap for a great little streaming box, with an App Store, universal search, and maybe some niceties like voice search.

So bring it on Apple, we're waiting. Just make sure it has an open App Store.

I would like to see it open to developers, as well as a A7 processor.

The concept of the Apple TV being able to render 3D games easily makes airplay games much more feasible with little to no noticeable latency. I enjoy playing airplay games, but the lag makes it unplayable to say the least. Developers being able to push instructions, or tell the Apple TV to download a custom app that in itself is able to do intense calculations would open a pandora's box of entertainment possibilities.

Oh, and siri in the living room!

I would like it to be able to play all my local content. more codecs and container combos (mkv, ac3, avi, xvid) is a must. Codecs are deal breaker for me.

It's sad, I have the 2nd gen appletv and with jailbreak it DOES play all that content and very well. Apple is just greedy not allowing it stock.

Wow! That is awesome! I think as people begin to learn about it, the more people are seeing the value in the device.

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