Apple TV shipping estimate slips to 1-2 weeks

Bad news if you are planning on pre-ordering the new Apple TV for delivery on March 16. The shipping estimate has slipped to a rather vague 1-2 week instead of the original guaranteed delivery on March 16.

Apple announced the new Apple TV at its media event yesterday along with the new iPad. The new Apple TV now offers 1080p video playback, iTunes Movies in the cloud and also comes with a revamped user interface. It looks like it is going to be a very popular upgrade!

Source: Apple Store

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Reader comments

Apple TV shipping estimate slips to 1-2 weeks


The 5.1 update adding everything except for 1080P playback. Still no dedicated app store. Not worth an upgrade for me.

Glad I got my order in first thing this afternoon. :D If you run OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, you can stream whatever is on your Mac right to the Apple TV 3 in full 1080p by way of AirPlay mirroring. No more restrictions, no more conversions, just streaming bliss. I can't wait! :-D

That is because it is not a function of the ATV 3, it is a new airplay feature of OS X 10.8 MOUNTAIN Lion, which isn't publicly available yet.

I soooooo want one, but it's not available in Portugal yet...
Any news about when will it go international?

Looks like the got pre-orders enough to blow through stock they allotted for launch on-line...stores should have some on the 16th...but do you want to be dealing with the throngs of iPad buyers?? :D

i was thinking of pre-ordering the Apple TV with my new iPad but i have a couple reward certificates from best buy so i will pick one up there