Apple TV Software 6.0 update now available - again!

Apple TV Software 6.0 update now available - again!

The Apple TV Software 6.0 update has once again been made available by Apple. To get it, go to Settings > General > Software update on your Apple TV. For those keeping track at home, Apple apparently pulled the original update after it caused installation issues for what seemed like a significant number of people. Sounds like they've been working hard to fix it since then, and this then is the fix.

New features remain the same - iTunes Radio (U.S. online), AirPlay your iTunes purchases to other people's Apple TVs, and some other stuff:

iTunes Radio: Create your own radio stations and listen to them ad-free with iTunes Match. (Available only in the United States.) iTunes Music Store: Browse, purchase, and play music directly from the iTunes Music Store. iCloud Photos: Adds support for playing video from a shared photo stream and viewing photo streams from multiple contributors. AirPlay from iCloud: Apple TV will play content from iTunes in the Cloud instead of your AirPlay device when possible. Requires iOS 7 on AirPlay device. Podcasts Sync: your podcasts and podcast stations across Apple TV and all your iOS devices. Subtitles & Captioning: Automatic subtitle selection based on Apple TV language setting. Customize closed caption style. Conference Room Display: Lock Apple TV into Conference Room Display (for business and education environments) and >show onscreen instructions for using AirPlay. Software Update: Keep your Apple TV always up to date by automatically installing software updates when available. Setup: Use an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with iOS 7 to automatically transfer network settings, your Apple ID, and language preferences. Not available on iPhone 4 and iPad 2.

I'm downloading it right now, and I'll update this post as soon as they've updated my Apple TV. If you previously had a problem and need to restore via iTunes to fix a bricked or bad installation, here's how:

If you've gotten the update to install, let me know how it works for you!

Via: 9to5Mac, Thanks Keith!

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Apple TV Software 6.0 update now available - again!


It installed fine for me a couple of days ago. No issues and have already enjoyed the new features...

This is the first time I've been able to see the update. It seemed to take longer than the last update, but it's worth it. I took a power nap and woke up to iTunes Radio and podcasts on my Apple TV that are on my iPhone. This is a nice update to cap off all the moves Apple has made this year with Apple TV. Hopefully there is more to come. Let's cut that cable cord.

If you installed the update a couple days ago you need to install update 6.0 again. I installed a couple days ago with no issues. I had no issues the second install.

Tried installing last weekend, bricked my 2nd gen Apple TV.
Got the f-ing USB micro B connector, reset to previous version of the OS.
(Note: you *must* disconnect both power and HDMI before restoring thru your Mac/PC.)
Downloaded the new version, and now it's in Step 2 of 2: Applying update...
Will post when it's done.

Success! PITA to re-enter my Apple ID + password, then (very long) Netflix login + password. Amazing to see how Apple is steadily improving the integration of iCloud with all of their products and ecosystem.

Interesting that after I restored it the first time, I was distracted for a moment when I first powered it up. I left it at the "choose language" screen, and after about 30 seconds, I was surprised to hear Siri's voice (the old iOS 6.1 voice) asking me to click the Apple Remote's select button 3 times to turn on Voice Over. Apple has even added accessibility features to Apple TV. Good job!

I was lucky to be one of the 5 people that the first 6.0 didn't brick. Its really amazing how identical code can interact in wildly different ways with what should be identical hardware.

It went in fine for me. Other than it took forever to do the install, I am not having any problems that I have seen.

I was burnt over the weekend with a unit that was bricked and now have a new ATV. I await everyone's input on the new update before even putting a toe into that water.

Wouldn't it be nice if they would add a Airprint Server to the Apple TV? I realize it'd "Sherlock" the xPrintServer but it seems like a good use of the AppleTV to extend it's coolness... ;-)