Apple TV 6.1 update makes it easy to hide unwanted channels

Apple TV updated, makes it easy to hide unwanted channels

To go along with the release of iOS 7.1, Apple has released an update for the Apple TV. Version 6.1 allows users to hide unwanted channel icons from the main screen.

Previously, you would need to navigate to Settings, then go through the list of available content sources and hide them. Now, all you need to do is highlight an icon on the screen, then press and hold the select button until the icons start to jiggle. Select the channel you want to hide, then hit the Play/Pause button to bring up the options, then press Hide. To undo this, simply go to Settings > Main Menu, then select the desired channel.

If you have your Apple TV set to update automatically, then you're set. To update manually, go to Settings > Software Update, then select Update Software.

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Reader comments

Apple TV 6.1 update makes it easy to hide unwanted channels


Airplay stopped working with my iPhone 5s and iPad mini after this update to the apple tv3.. Anyone else have this issue.. I've tried all the regular resetting and nothing seems to fix it.

I also have the ATV 3 and watched the Soyuz land tonight via AirPlay from a Mavericks MacBook Pro. You may want to make sure the iPad mini and iPhone 5s are updated as well. Good luck.

That's nice. There's a lot of junk I never care about on Apple TV. I just wish I could move the top row of Apple "channels", like Computer or TV Shows, and move Netflix, HBO GO and Hulu+ to the top.

I like the new option to hide apps. But, more importantly my issues with slow local sharing that have existed in the last update or two seem to be gone!!!

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