aTV Flash now available: Brings new video features to Apple TV (2010)

aTV Flash for Apple TV (2010) is here, bringing with it the ability to view HTML5 content through a custom browser, view the weather, RSS feeds, and adds access. aTV Flash also supports a pethora of video formats as well, including - .m4v, .mp4, .mov for video, HE-AAC, AAC, MP3, MP3 VBR, Audible, Apple Lossless, AIFF, and WAV for audio.

As of now, there is one down side - you'll need to be running iOS 4.0 on your AppleTV in order for aTV Flash to work. The developers say a version that will work on 4.1 is coming soon though. Using aTV Flash will not interfere with any regular features of AppleTV. aTV Flash also boasts simple installs and easy upgrades.

When you pre-order aTV Flash for $19.95, you'll gain instant access to the beta version.

Any TiPb users out there plan to pick this up and try it out? If so, what features are you most looking forward to using on your AppleTV?

[(, via FireCore]

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Reader comments

aTV Flash now available: Brings new video features to Apple TV (2010)


Hard to see the value here. Last.FM can be done through an iPhone or iPad with AirPlay, and most casual users don't care about any of the other stuff.

nice job on getting that email that went out to anyone who signed up for the fire core newsletter.
the aTV could be cool if it had apps and a sweet app launcher. my wallet stays in my pocket til it does.
i know it adds all sorts of functionality, but $20 seems a bit steep. i'm sure some people would love to read on their tvs, but i've done it and it hurts, so RSS feeds are out for me. it doesn't add any video formats that seem out of the ordinary to me, either, so there's another downer.
oh, and there's and weather. woo
apps will come in the aTV 2 (at least, it would make sense if they did) which would make this product obsolete (more or less), not to mention that once airplay opens up to all native-player-media on handheld idevices, there'd be no necessity for an rss reader, web browser etc etc because they'd be in your hand already.
aTV flash is doa unless it actually HAS flash.
but still, not for $20.

Well, my Apple TV literally will arrive today, within hours...but I just don't see this adding enough functionality to justify paying. What HTML5 content is out there that I REALLY need? As long as I have Netflix, iTunes Video, and YouTube, this doesn't add enough...
Now...what I REALLY want: HULU! (and a browser that supports streaming from network websites - NBC, ABC, FOX)

@Keil miller, Actually, if you own an ipod touch, iPhone or iPad you would control it with your phone. The remote stick is only needed when initially setting up the device.

Hellllllloooooo... The beta states that it will hook into Plex running on your mac. Can I say.... Hula along with a lot of other content. Very much worth it if it works that is :)

Hm, $20 for nothing. I would like to try it, maybe for a day or two. The should give out a trial. But until the web video is not suported I can say only that this a waste of money.