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How to download tvOS 10.0.1 beta 4 to your Apple TV

Installing the tvOS 10.0.1 beta is more complex than an iOS or macOS beta, but it's also for developers only.

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Apple TV 5 wish list: 4K and HDR support

Screens aren’t just getting denser, they’re getting deeper — and that means 4K and HDR are moving from nice-to-have to must-have.

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Best Apple TV controllers, mounts, speakers, and more

Get the most out of your Apple TV with these fantastic accessories!

On its own, the fourth-generation Apple TV is a fantastic media hub for the Apple-connected family. You can use it to view your photos, listen to Apple Music and your favorite podcasts, play games, watch TV shows and movies, and more. Thanks to Bluetooth support, you can also connect wireless game controllers, keyboards, speakers, and headphones. To compliment your Apple TV, check out our list of the best accessories to get the most out of your experience.

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iOS 11 wish list: AirPlay Express

Apple TV Express could plug in, power on, and get anything from your iPhone, iPad, or Mac up onto your television.

It's hard not to look at the Google Chromecast and wonder if Apple could make something like it. Don't get me wrong: I love the new Apple TV. With Siri support and the ability to run apps, it's clearly what I want in my home now and in the near future. But it's not something I can easily put in my pocket and travel with — be it between cities or simply between offices.

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What's on your tvOS 11 wish-list?

tvOS 10 has shipped, but Apple's already working on tvOS 11 — so what do you want them to change?

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How to use Bluetooth headphones with the Apple TV

Maybe you want to watch the latest episode of your favorite show without disturbing your sleeping partner, or maybe you want a personal music listening experience — for whatever reason you might have, you can listen to Apple TV with Bluetooth headphones. Here's how!

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Apple's home hub and the challenge of making Siri multi-personal

Apple's been working on bringing Siri fully into the living room for years, but there's a huge challenge involved in taking a personal assistant and making it communal.

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tvOS 10 review: Taking Apple TV to the next level

Now playing on tvOS: Darker, smarter, more convenient, more memorable, musical, and around-the-home magical.

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On Apple TV and the world of gaming

Apple is carefully planning its long-game strategy to make Apple TV the living room console of choice. What about games?

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How to troubleshoot your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch: The Ultimate Guide

Like any complex and sophisticated machines, the iPhone, iPad, and iPod can cause you any number of problems. In most cases, though, troubleshooting and fixing them is a straightforward affair.

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