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How to download tvOS 10 developer beta 6 to your Apple TV

Installing tvOS 10 beta 6 is more complex than an iOS or macOS beta, but it's also for developers only.

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Apple Buyers Guide

How to pick the perfect iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, iPod, Mac, or Apple TV for your or yours!

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How to share Apple TV apps and games with friends

There’s currently no simple way to share apps from your Apple TV with someone else. Perhaps this is because tvOS apps are so different from iOS or macOS apps or Apple just doesn’t see a demand for it. Not all hope is lost, there are some workarounds available if you really need to share.

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How to use apps, watch movies and tv shows, play music, and look at photos on Apple TV

Although the small black box that is your Apple TV may not look like much, but once you have it set up it will open a world of possibilities by turning your TV into the ultimate media center.

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How to use the Music app on Apple TV

The Music app on your Apple TV will allow you to enjoy all your favorite tunes right through your TV. Linking directly to your iTunes account, Apple TV can access all of Apple Music (provided you have a subscription), plus play any music you have in your iCloud Music library.

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How to work with apps on Apple TV

There are a ton of awesome apps for Apple TV that can satisfy your entertainment needs, help you with homework, and a lot more! Just what sort of apps are available for Apple TV?

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How to use the Photos app on Apple TV

The Photos app for Apple TV lets you see all the fabulous pictures and videos you've taken, all on the big screen! It's perfect for looking at big batches of images with large groups of people.

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How to change the screensaver on your Apple TV

How do you give your Apple TV a new sleeping look? By changing the screensaver, of course!

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How to move, force quit, and delete apps with the Siri Remote on Apple TV

How do I move, force quit, and delete apps from Apple TV?

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Secret Siri Remote controls: Unlock the power of your Apple TV!

What are all the commands possible with the new Siri Remote for Apple TV? Find out now!

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