Micromat Syphone Lets You Read Text Messages On Your Mac, W0rX Gr8 LOL :-)

Micromat is a name well known in the Mac software community, best known for its popular TechTool Pro; a utility for fixing troubled Macs and impatient IT managers. The company has now put its coding skills to work on iPhone. Their new application, Syphone, lets you archive and view all threaded text conversations, sent from your iPhone, right on your Mac. Never fear losing that important message from your boss, or sultry conversation with your mistress. It's all saved right there on your Mac.

Syphone is currently in beta, and is available for download free of charge. If public response is positive Micromat plans to offer a premium priced professional version with more functionality. Good on them. Download Syphone here.



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bryan says:

so does this only work on macs, or pcs too, im on ny iphone so i dont feel like checking it out.

Cliff says:

Another useless app for the iPhone.

Chris says:

Yeah is there a program that works on PC's?

otis says:

i agree, desperately looking for something like this for a pc, can't find anything out there on line. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Dan says:

ditto. need pc app to dwnld txt msgs. need soon to print evidence for divorce proceedings.

divorce record says:

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