iPad 2 swapped with modelling clay and sold in Vancouver Future Shop store

Canadian retailer Future Shop, part of the Best Buy empire, is investigating a scam where some iPad 2 devices purchased in its Vancouver stores turned out to be fake. It appears that scammers bought as many as ten iPad 2s and swapped them for modelling clay.

Future Shop said scam artists bought Apple's popular tablet computers with cash, replaced the devices with bags of model clay, resealed the boxes and returned them. The returned fakes were then put back on the shelf and sold to unsuspecting customers. It really saddens Future Shop that people stoop to be this opportunistic and make money is this kind of organized way.

One customer gave his wife one of the iPad 2s for Christmas; she was very shocked to receive an iPad 2 box with just a lump of modelling clay inside. To make matters worse, when he returned the iPad 2, he was apparently treated like a criminal by the store’s manager. Thankfully Future Shop has now refunded the cost of the iPad 2 and given the customer a free iPad 2 as compensation for the mix up.

Source: CTV News

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Reader comments

iPad 2 swapped with modelling clay and sold in Vancouver Future Shop store


This happens way too much with Apple products. It's why I'm scared to buy the products from anywhere but through Apple.
eBay and Amazon are a no-no.

I am more and more leery of buying items on eBay because many sellers are no longer offering any warranty on their items. What occasionally happens is someone buys an item that they had (that broke). Get the new one from the seller and request their money back due to a non-functioning item and return their broken unit. It's a shame that people will stoop that low and ruin a good thing for everyone else.

Which is why I only sell to those with Perfect Feedback and have a perfect feedback score of at least 50. I would NEVER sell to anyone with zero feedback or below 99.4% overall feedback score. But I will admit, even then I feel unsure about the buyer and his actions.

Agreed. It astounds me that Amazon has become such a gigantic trafficker of knock-offs and outright scams.
Find the 'real' listing for a simple pair of official replacement earbuds for the iPhone on Amazon. Good luck with that.

This happened to me on a smaller scale when I bought a sealed Xbox game that ended up having a blank CD+R inside. Thankfully, they believed me at Best Buy when there was really no reason to think that I hadn't just taken the game. It was probably the fact that I just wanted a replacement game rather than my money back that made the story more credible.

Woo! I'm going to take my iPad 2 box, put a lump of modeling clay in it, and take it to Bestbuy and claim that I was cheated!
Seriously. How hard would it be for people who know about this to just take the iPad out of the box, swap it with modeling clay, and take it back in for a refund?

They are supposed to check it, but I have to believe they sealed it so it would cost Futureshop money if they broke the seal.

I agree. Like when I purchased the iPhone at Future Shop, they actually open the packaging in front of you and set it up. I agree that it might not be necessary if customers are buying the WiFi-only iPads but it would definitely deter crooks from doing these kind of things. I used to work at retail and we were always told to be leery about people paying with cash for anything over $200.
Definitely Future Shop's fault for not taking the steps to prevent it.

This happened to me when I bought a router from Office Depot and to my surprise was full of vacuum sealed cat food! They did take it back after initially suspecting me a doing the swap. I'd be leery too if I was a retailer. It's often hard to tell who the good guys really are.

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