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Samsung announces Galaxy S III, biggest iPhone competitor to date

Samsung has announced their next generation flagship Android phone, and as expected it's the Galaxy S III (no, they didn't go with "the new Galaxy"). Android Central is covering everything live from London and they've already gone over all the big stuff. On the hardware, Alex Dobie says:

The Samsung Galaxy S III is perhaps best summarized with three S’s -- sleek, sexy and shiny. It’s available in two colors -- pebble blue and pearl white, and both versions feature the same glossy plastic finish with a metallic trim around the side. It’s a fingerprint magnet to be sure, but the Galaxy S III certainly isn’t lacking star quality -- it looks and feels like a high-end device, and Samsung’s made a clean break with some of its older design language in this new flagship product.

Sadly, it doesn't look like they upgraded the plastic of their casing to match the Nokia Lumia 900 or HTC One X, which means I'm still calling Hasbro on the feel. However, everything else looks significantly great. As for the software:

The new design language is most evident in the new TouchWiz lockscreen, which ripples like a pool of water when activated. Audio cues, too, take on a more naturalistic approach, with droplet sounds punctuating UI interactions like menu selections and button presses.

Also, the TouchWiz launcher has been re-vamped, but the changes are largely cosmetic -- different icons, different chrome, but functionally very similar to the way TouchWiz’d ICS operates on the Galaxy S II. You’ve got seven home screens by default, customizable with the usual plethora of bright, vivid widgets (yep, TouchWiz is colorful as always). There’s a neat 3D transition effect when jumping from panel to panel, and thanks to the bleeding edge hardware inside the phone, all this visual finery flows off the screen at a buttery-smooth frame rate.

Android Central has literally a ton more coverage, including a monstrous gallery and a bunch of video.

Head on over there now, drink it all in, and then come back here and let us know what you think. Will the Galaxy S III slow down iPhone 4S sales in the short term? Will it force Apple to raise the bar even higher for the iPhone 5?

Rene Ritchie

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There are 81 comments. Add yours.

paleh0rse says:

Or, just stop wearing your sister's jeans...?

Carioca32 says:

It is so big it blurrs the line between phones and tablets. I like it.

parpart33 says:

Nothing too surprising here. A FANTASTIC device for those who love Android, for the iPhone folks, myself included, nothing so amazing that I am compelled to make a switch.

j_benj says:

Looks nice. I'm sure the Android faithful will be excited. Glad I'm not into that ecosystem, though.. can't even keep a phone for a year without being leapfrogged by 10 new handsets.

Dohhhh says:

Yet you'll keep an iPhone for a year and by the time you can upgrade it it's already been "leapfrogged" by 10 Android devices .. What exactly was your point !!

hoonaynay says:

Umm.. that you sign a two year contract for a top of the line Android device only to find out a more advanced one is coming out a month later..

paleh0rse says:

So what's it like to buy a phone that is 3 to 6 months behind before it's even released?
At least the best Android phones usually get a whole month to run at the front of the pack! :P

yup says:

Your an android fan douche! Go troll elseware. Moron!

johncblandii says:

I think that's the fundamental difference in philosophy. Yes, Android phones come out in droves each year but when you [at least when I] select a device you're buying into that line.
So whether I buy an iPhone, S3, Evo, etc there will only be one phone per year for that line. Unless you are distracted by everything that comes out, there is no issue here. If you are distracted, the new Blackberry may entice you or even the Windows/Nokia marriage gives you buyers remorse.
No issue if you think of it in those terms.

Kieron says:

This is the most sensible response I've seen in a long time.
The SGSIII looks very enticing, will be getting that before Christmas.

BillG says:

Its too advanced for iphone users

The Average User says:

Not sure if serious....hoping you aren't THAT ignorant...

BillG says:

No I am even more ignorant than you think! Still its too advanced for iphone users.

cosmin says:

i think u are too retarded for this century.

BillG says:

Says an Apple fanboy that has to jailbreak to send Sms properly! :)

yup says:

Really you come just to troll. Not to contribute! Your a loser and a moron!

Dustin says:

I am sticking with iOS, but if I were looking for an android phone, I would have a hard time deciding between the Galazy SIII and the HTC ONE phones.

johncblandii says:

I'm in that boat now. I don't know if I want the S3 or the new Evo. Both are compelling but I think battery life will be my telling factor as the Evo line has burned me two years in a row.

hoonaynay says:

And you know, it's Sprint powered.

Kieron says:

The phone boasts a 2100mAh battery which is a big jump from its predecessor that only had 1650mAh battery.
Please be reminded that there is always the option for an extend battery that are relatively cheap!

paleh0rse says:

shhhh, be careful... all this talk of removable batteries confuses the iPeople! ;)

Uncle Miltie says:

Removable batteries are a benefit? Why not simply make one that lasts?

AJ_Watson says:

Yes, removable batteries are indeed a benefit, as is removable and expandable data cards (SD). If i had to go into every reason WHY that is an advantage you should have your head removed from where you sit.
But that being said i didn't need either, which is why i am on an ip4s.
But to say because something doesn't fit MY needs it is useless or pointless is just asinine..

Jenna Jameson says:

You had a douchebag response to his post. Taking things a little too personal, friend. What you need is a good porn or just get laid already.

johncblandii says:

The S2 has great battery life so the S3 with a larger battery should be astonishing. You can't same the same about the Evo or Evo 3D so I'm skeptical on the Evo 4G LTE.

arcadelion says:

I'll stick to my Galaxy Nexus until the iPhone 5

mech1164 says:

I'm with you. Have Gnex now was looking at the One line. Not going anywhere until I see the iPhone5.

kr1114 says:

too big for my liking. It has nothing to make me want to switch from apple

Dohhhh says:

I think it's FUGLY and I really don't understand anyone who thinks it's a good idea to have a phone the size of a tablet. Mobile phone, smart or otherwise should be just that, mobile otherwise what is the point, seriously. If I wanted to carry round a tablet sized device i'd just buy a tablet !!

Pimp Lucious says:

Are people still struggling to understand how different users have different desires and needs in phone aesthetics? 4-5 inch phones sell well. Might be time to get used to that fact.

The Average User says:

This is what happens when a company doesn't have Jonothan Ive. He and his team are really the driving innovation left in Apple.

eahinrichsen says:

Agreed. I have a Galaxy Nexus and vastly prefer it to the iPhone 4s, but I'd be thrilled if the look and feel of the physical device were in the same league as the iPhone 4 series.

johncblandii says:

There are some really nice updates here with a few gimmicks but overall I think it'll be an industry leading device family again. We shall see.
Oh and no it won't make Apple step their game up. Apple is going to stay status quo for as long as they choose. Incremental updates plus a big feature or two are enough in iOS land. Android land seems to have multiple gimmicks, some big features, and some "why?" one's with every device [looking at my Evo 3D as I type]. lol

sting7k says:

How can you play back 1080p video on a non-1080p screen? It won't be at 1080p...

BillG says:

Yes but it will play smoothly! Its not about resolution, its about having enough power to actually handle the filesize!

paleh0rse says:

cough Full 1080p output to a TV cough

Ilovegeorgia says:

Nothing special. I'm just waiting for the new iPhone.

spanishcop says:

I think when looking at the screen it looks very much like an that has been copied into a bigger screen. I also like the feeling of the iphone with it's weight than plastic cheap feeling. What I'm waiting to see is if Apple continues to impress its users with the new Iphone or if I will just stick with my iphone 4 or 4s until something new arrives. Samsung is defintely pushing the iphone look that is for sure.

Kev says:

I am a self confessed apple fanboy, I'm on my 4th iphone, 2nd ipad, 2nd touch ( wifes ) and have an atv2, it pains me however to admit that if the next iphone doesn't have a larger screen I will be very tempted to jump ship. If a 4" screen and a new physical design are they only major selling points of the new iphone that will be enough for me to stay but if its the same 3.5" screen I will give android a shot. I may come back with my tail between my legs but I'll give it a shot.

Manuel says:

That's exactly what I thought and did with the Galaxy S2 and the iPhone 4S when the last was released.
Sent from my iPhone 4S

BillG says:

Has anyone even looked at the features of this thing? Calling a contact by just holding the phone next to your ear? Going to sleep when you sleep, or look away? Telling you what happend in your social media while you were sleeping? Tracking your eyes? Recognising your friends in photos you take? Ahh...and all this without Jailbreaking...

Kieron says:

Not to mention this is the stock ROM...the myriad of custom ROMs will be the icing on the cake once rooted.

paleh0rse says:

Not only does it recognize your friends when you take their picture, it automagically emails or texts them with a copy of the photo!!
Gimmicky? Indeed... but it's a neat trick! :)

Loren says:

Android fanboys deserve a phone the too can be proud of....if only for a few weeks before the Galaxy 4 drops.

BillG says:

....Instead of waiting a year and getting the same phone with just an S added at the end....

9thwonder says:

and 64GBs, oh and a some megapixels, and ios 5. But what do i care what prior iphones had. I only bought a 4S. compared to what i had before it's a great phone.

BillG says:

....ahh yes and an Ipad2 with a new 32nm chip without a word from

9thwonder says:

Too big. Size makes it a nonstarter as does color. did he say it's blue and white? No black? Those make it a nonstarter for me.
Other than that the phone looks ok. I've got nothing really against android. I'm ok with it. every OS has some areas to improve. But the size and if it didn't come in black would make it not an option for me. 4.5 is too big let alone 4.8. I'm not interested in switching from an iphone but this hardware wouldn't do it had i wanted to.

Jenna Jameson says:

Size definitely matters, soldier.

sting7k says:

Looking around the web at more shots this just looks very cheap to me. Not very premium at all. I'd still get the Galaxy Nexus over this if I had to choose.

9thwonder says:

You know it Jenna. Luckily, I don't have a need to overcompensate with a bigger phone. I'm well equipped already. lol.

9thwonder says:

lol, Sure. my girl may get mad though.

mikes1426 says:

Impressive phone but nothing that'll make me want to switch. Excited to see what Android phone trumps this one next week.

wa1do says:

Funny how everyone here says its too big, but if Apple were to bring out a similarly sized iPhone all you fanboys would be waiting in line for days....Just sayin...

Johnnyreb09 says:

+1. Lol
And I am an iSheep

Farid Rahmi says:

My thoughts exactly... The comments transpire some well deserved jealousy but "no man down" yet, the iOS user base is probably as loyal as the Mac OS X crowd. In any case (no pun intended) they will all patiently wait till big daddy Cook comes with the new toy. It better be good though and Siri can't say in beta much longer, they can't pull the 4s trick off twice.
Last but not least : while the S3 is gonna be a clear hit like the 4s was six months ago, it becomes obvious that is more and more difficult to truly innovate in smartphoneland, till starts to feel like MS Office n+1. Time for the next big thing indeed.

9thwonder says:

speak for yourself. i'm not buying a 4.8 inch phone no matter who makes it. There have been what 4 or 5, including all the s models, iphones already and i'm just now buying my first. Seems to me you're likely just a fanboy of some other platform. See we all aren't fanboys. I've got no problem with the phone except size and color. Oh and i refused to buy an ipod until they released a black one. Some people have things they want. i don't buy things cause it's simply made by some company. I think you're just caught up in idiotic nerd operating system battles.

Glenn#IM says:

Not sure about the colors. They need a black one also. Looks nice, but I think a 4" screen it really the perfect size. As we go bigger, it is harder to use one handed.

9thwonder says:

agree. on black and the screen size.

tlo07 says:

I think this phone will totally rock! I have to say, I was completely against the giant phones for so long. I though they looked ridiculous. Then I read a post on a forum (regarding the Note) that said "It does look a little big when you hold it up to your ear but I rarely talk on my phone anyway". I thought that was a great point. I will be anxious to see the iPhone 5 (or 6, whatever) specs. Its going to be a tough choice this summer.

Jon says:

They lost me at TouchWiz.

roseventyfour says:

Every week when a new Android phone is announced it's supposed to be the biggest competitor. Then 2 months later you can pick it up for .99 cents on contract.

Uncle Miltie says:

I was recently in a big dick contest and someone asked me, "how big is it?"
I simply replied, " I only take out enough to win."

Whisp says:

Has no one picked up on the "S Voice" yet?? I mean come on! Samsung gets sued for copying the look and feel of idevices and they come out with S Voice....Siri?!

Tom says:

It's actually a really nice phone although I'm still someone who doesn't like the really big screens. I think 4" is perfect so hope Apple decides to suck it up and make a bigger screen. I also hope they choose to make some serious UI improvements with iOS 6 although I'm not holding my breath but iOS needs a refresh. Apple would laugh at that as it has made them insanely rich and dominant in the mobile world.

Mister-E says:

I have an iPhone as my main phone and a Galaxy S2 X on a discount carrier. Really don't care for Android/Samsung and will likely switch over to a Windows phone or a Blackberry 10 phone

iDonev says:

If Samsung continues to increase the size of those things, by 2050 they could be used as surfboards...

eric6052 says:

The Galaxy SIII is an iterative upgrade and not a bad one but it didn't live up to the hype built up around the device. I think the new HTC One X is a better looking device and the Super LCD 2 screen gives a better viewing experience than the Pentile Super Amoled led on the S3. It's been 2 years iphone 4 came out but with phones like the HTC One X, Rezound and S3 Android has finally caught up in terms of screen quality and pixle density while offering a wider variety of sizes.

Enzo83 says:

No matter what device comes out.....none can be like an iPhone. Even if iPhone is behind the times---I will never want to use Android. The iPhone is in it's own category/world in my eyes. I hope iPhone/Apple always keeps it up. But I am addicted to iPhone/iOS (Android is way too much nonsense--half the people I know who have one don't even know how to properly save a picture or find it after they take/save one!)...and they (Apple) are not gonna be like Blackberry---they are smarter than these other phone-makers. They will bring it since they brought it. ;-)

Borbor says:

Wow, this is probably the most android friendly ios website. I admire you guys for expressing your opinions without having to retort to mockery. Death to fanboyism! I may be fan of Samsung, but I can't lie, I did wish Samsung would produce a galaxy phone with a smaller screen like the iphone. Maximum, 4.5 inches (screen size)!

Jreed1235 says:

There goes Samsung shamlessly ripping off Apple again... Their "Siri" like tech looks exactly like Siri on the iPhone... Even the icons are the same... They should just put an Apple on their products and be done with it...

Tamisha Ogunyemi says:

For some maybe, but not everyone is as well informed as you regarding iOS options and settings. Enjoy launching your MacBook from the 4th floor, sounds like fun!

brautkleiderbra says:

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