iBooks 3.0 appears in iTunes listing ahead of iPad mini event

iBooks 3.0 appears in iTunes listing ahead of iPad mini event

Looks like iBooks 3.0 may be making an appearance at this Tuesday's iPad mini event, at least if specifications that mysteriously showed up in a book listing on the iBookstore is correct. Florian Innocente of iGen.fr caught the reference in a volume of The Largo Winch series.

This wouldn't be the first time iTunes revealed something it ought not be revealing, but it's impossible to rule out simple errors in the strings as well, so it's important to remember nothing is confirmed until Apple announces it.

However, this is in line with what iMore has been hearing since we first learned about the iPad mini back in May -- namely that the iPad mini is aimed squarely at Amazon, the Kindle, and their Kindle books empire, much in the same way as Apple has aimed past features and services at Google and Android. Ebooks, unlike music and video, is one of the few areas where Amazon has a good content presence, and reading is one of the few areas where, at least in some markets, the Kindle may be preferred over the current 9.7-inch iPad.

Apple, of course, would rather everyone use an iPad, and it looks increasingly like they're going to make their case for that using the iPad mini in just a few days time...

Source: iGen.fr via The Next Web

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iBooks 3.0 appears in iTunes listing ahead of iPad mini event