World of Warcraft Coming to the iPhone?

Confession: World of Warcraft came on the scene a little late to fireball my demographic center. Sure, I saw that William Shatner is a Shaman and Ozzy's got a new Prince of Darkness to worry about, but other than hearing friends were going to try it and then... never seeing them again, I've just filed it away in the same drawer as Ultimate Online and Everquest... until I saw Touch Arcade's story today.

The game is running in the Vollee client, an application from a mobile company whose main purpose is to develop software to allow mobile 3G phones to play CPU intensive PC applications over the network.

MMO...OMG! So, for those of you more tuned into the troll-powers-that-be, is WoW something you want on your iPhone? And is this the version of WoW you want?

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Reader comments

World of Warcraft Coming to the iPhone?


WoW would be awesome. Any really good MMO or multiplayer game would be for that matter. Multiplayer is lacking hardcore right now, at least until 3.0

wow, good news :), although with current battery life am not sure that it could work the way we wish.

Ummm iShirk? way to be narrow minded there bud.
Just because it's the #1 MMO does not mean it's the best game,. or even a GOOD Game for that matter.
80% of it's subscriber base are all Brain Washed lemmings who don't even care about their lives, they would rather be playing Wow.
it's a black hole time sync.
It ruins marriages and relationships, people stray away from things in their 'Real life'
it's a horrible game designed around a model to keep you playing MORE AND MORE AND MORE rather then focusing on having fun.
Blizzard is a really smart company. They've capitalized on the genius of pulling in MILLIONS of people to their Addictive design.
Most likely if you yourself even fully support that game, then you're brain washed yourself you just don't even realize it.
Video games are for entertainment. Nothing more.
Not work.
When you play wow? you clock in, and go to work.

@iPhoneMilk: I respect your personal opinion but plz don't make an opinion sound like a fact.
EVERY one I know who plays that game is a casual player who cares about having fun first and foremost. You might ran into the hardcore addicted gamers and your opinion is based on that; fine. But don't go around generalizing and stereotyping the millions that play it. That makes you sound very ignorant.
"Most likely if you yourself even fully support that game, then you’re brain washed yourself you just don’t even realize it" <-- Thanks for your concerns, but if u don't know me, plz don't think for me and judge me. Again, that makes you sound very ignorant.

I won't go into talking about who is and is not hooked on wow because there are people who develop addictions to many things, but 62% of wow subscribers login to the game 2 or fewer times each week. This seems to imply that the maximum possible number of addicts is is the 38% range which makes your argument even less compelling than it already was. I personally play about 6 hours/week, and I can say that Blizzard has done a good job of making the game enjoyable for casual players while still having enough difficult content to keep more hardcore gamers busy for hours.

While your statistics on how many times a week they log on may be true. It actually does not make my arguement less compelling. The game has Actually changed. and when most people are level 80 they really only NEED To login a couple of times a week.. to finish their weekly raids.. etc etc. Then i assume they call it a week and do it again next week.
The better question would be to ask any of those people. Would they quit on a dime right this very minute? or better yet. What would happen if one of their characters were deleted. I wonder how devastating it would be to that one person.
Like i said, the game has shifted in a way so that they don't need to be online every single day. but they STILL need to give it repeat attention or else they will fall behind the rest of the wow crowd.
When asking some of my friends if they want to go out and see the new movie this friday I usually get "no i can't i have a raid on friday"
That sir, is when there is a problem.

Your point was that they are brain washed lemmings. I thinkaftwr reading my comments, if you read both of yours again, you will agree that your initial comment vastly overstated the problem of wow zombies.

It's amazing how much garbage a person can be fed in these debates. First of all spare us your statistics 98% of all statistics are made up the other 2% is wrong. Second, do us a favor and stop confusing everyone for the same steryotype junkies you hear in the news. Wow ruins nothing. The blame for ruined lives weigh only on the user and nothing else. The game was made to be fun and anyone who felt that it is not simply do not play

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