Sprint expands LTE coverage to 11 more cites

Sprint expands LTE coverage to 11 more cites

Sprint has expanded its LTE network to 11 more cities today. The third-place US carrier will be expanding into smaller cities in seven states, including Virginia, Indiana, and Massachusetts. This is part of a larger rollout by Sprint to increase LTE coverage as well as improve the quality of their 3G network. The following areas gained LTE today, with Sprint planning to expand their coverage in the following months:

  • Anderson, Ind.
  • Clarke County, Va./Jefferson County, W.Va.
  • Harrisburg/Carlisle/Hershey, Pa.
  • Hagerstown, Md./Martinsburg, W.Va.
  • Harrisonburg, Va.
  • Muncie, Ind.
  • Peabody, Mass.
  • Salina, Kan.
  • Shenandoah County, Va.
  • South Bend/Mishawaka, Ind.
  • Winchester, Va.

So far, Sprint has been behind AT&T and Verizon in rolling out LTE. Japanese carrier Softbank’s purchase of a large stake in Sprint may allow them some breathing room as they attempt to remain competitive. The rollout of LTE is now critical for any carrier, and the expansion of high-speed networks outside of larger metropolitan areas is important. Sprint needs to expand their LTE coverage as quickly as possible, especially now that most new smartphones, including the iPhone 5, have LTE. Customers being unable to access one of their device’s main features tends to be the sort of thing that turns them into former customers, so Sprint needs to act as fast as they can to keep their users happy. Sprint plans for their LTE expansion to be complete by the end of 2013.

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Reader comments

Sprint expands LTE coverage to 11 more cites


Can't speak to the entire list, but to call Peabody MA a market is a joke...it's a suburb of Boston for crying out loud.. That being said, I have Sprint in the Boston area, and the coverage is getting better by the day (route 3 from Burlington to Lowell and 495 from Lowell to Portsmouth NH). I even got some LTE in Nashua NH last night

It is interesting that they are hitting some cities like where I am at in Harrisburg, PA that verizon has LTE in but not ATT which is what i am currently on....Trying to compete where there is no other option might be a good strategy starting out?

I still wonder if it will ever come to my area. We have no 4G of any kind here on any carrier. 3G has been prevalent here for years but it sure would be nice to use my Evo LTE on, LTE ever. :(

I live in the Tri-State area and am always back and forth between NJ, CT and NY. I have never gotten LTE once on my Iphone5. I have never seen my 3G change to LTE.

THANK YOU SPRINT! Now i get 4G LTE at home and at the office. They lit up the entire I-81 corridor from MD down to Harrisonburg, VA today.

Sprint has one year to get LTE into Minnesota. That is when my contract expires. I already have a plan picked out on Verizon. My coworker gets 14.5 mbs on Verizon here in St. Cloud, MN