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Leave a comment below telling us what you got out of Mobile Nations Fitness Month and be entered for a chance to win the phone, tablet, or game system of your dreams!

It's February and you know what that means? Mobile Nations Fitness Month! That's when we all get together to get in shape, share tips and tricks and recipes for success, review amazing apps and accessories, give away great prizes, and have a ton of fun! This year we're doing it a little differently, though. We're doing weekly themes, and that means every week you'll have new and exciting challenges, and new chances to win!

Week 4: Balance!

That's right, it's time to bring everything together and work towards a balanced life! It's really hard to eat and sleep well, and exercise regularly, especially with as all the other things we have to do. That's why it's important to not only act healthier for a week or month, but to build healthier habits into your ever day lifestyle.

To round out the month, we'll be reviewing a bunch of great apps and accessories that can help you keep it together, and keep yourself on track with your nutrition, exercise and relaxation goals.

And we are also going to be doing the mother of all contests.

Contest: Win the fitness device of your dreams!

Leave a comment below telling us what you've gotten out of Mobile Nations Fitness Month -- how much you've improved or been inspired, what you plan to do to keep it up throughout the year, or even how much you simply sat on the couch and watched it all transpire around you! -- and you'll be entered to win a $400 gift certificate to put towards whatever phone, tablet, or even gaming system will help you keep up with your fitness goals!

Be it iPhone or Galaxy Note, Lumia or BlackBerry, Surface or Droid, iPad or Android tablet, Xbox or Wii, we want to help you bring it home!

Our usual contest rules apply, and only one entry per person, but you can enter once on all of our sites: Android Central, CrackBerry,, webOS Nation, and WPCentral

So what are you waiting for? Enter NOW, NOW, NOW!

Rene Ritchie

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There are 282 comments. Add yours.

bizzyqu says:

I've lost about TEN pounds during fitness month using my BlackBerry (w/Livestrong and Runtastic) and the tips in the fitness month articles. Thanks Mobile Nations!

Good OL MC says:

I gained some nice tips from listening to the weekly Zen and Tech podcasts with Rene, Georgia, and guests. I especially enjoyed the episode with CrackBerry Kevin and the exercise tips :).

jobu3434 says:

On top of learning a lot about health. One thing I learned was how much of a powerful tool my iOS devices can be in living a healthier lifestyle.

lcargile says:

Lost a few pounds of fat and gained some muscle. I found, through the articles, some great apps and tips for a well balanced workout routine. Its helped to keep me motivated and one point which is something desperately needed when trying to get in shape. Thanks for the great articles and the time spent writing them!

camriokid says:

Gave me a good jump start!

gksmithlcw says:

I've already been working on all the things discussed this month but what I've been able to take away is the camaraderie of all the rest of the folks participating, the tips being passed around and the motivation garnered from making things public.

I intend to continue counting Calories and watching my nutrition to aid in weight loss, exercising to increase my physical fitness and aid in weight loss and improving my relaxation techniques.

If I win this contest I'll finally be able to get a tablet which will greatly aid me in my daily work and recreation activities.

Thanks Mobile Nations!

fopho says:

This inspired me to start training for the 10k I keep putting off. I started a month ago and it is still going strong!

SockRolid says:

Awesome lip gloss, awesome nail polish, awesome hair, just 100% awesome Georgia, as always. Talk about balance!

I've been eating a lot more oranges. Natural fructose, high non-soluble fiber, great taste, more filling. And I've switched to lemon juice from (highly diluted) bottled fruit juice as my all-day drink. Not lemonade. Fresh-squeezed lemon juice plus water.

acegi1983 says:

I've been doing a lot of what was talked about for awhile now, but I did get some new ideas to try. I would like to thank Mobile Nations for doing fitness month. It's a great idea and it does help me stay motivated.

VyprNoch says:

It does motivate, the fitness month, but I really haven't got on next level than that. Too lazy.

thenott says:

I got back into the swing of running again. Balance for me is about that infamous work life thing, where the balance of my home office versus my fitness routine versus my family time, etc. takes place.

ajhall62 says:

I got tips on how to work out.

schandlich says:

It made me want to go out and buy a FitBit...which I then did. :)

stuntmonkey says:

I took another look at the SleepCycle app, after first being turned off by some of the negative reviews.

zma15 says:

I got some great tips especially from the Zen podcast as to how I can increase my daily energy, to get the most out of the day!!

msft0682 says:

I liked seeing more about the best apps to get fit. We could all make use of one of these tools to make ourselves healthier.

RoccOn16v says:

Fitness Month managed to guilt me into working out. It was the only regular reminder that I was fat and lazy, and that grad school is no excuse! I've been playing racquetball regularly and just started biking to class with Endomondo. I'm already addicted, gotta beat my best time every week!

ef4ervescent says:

trying out a sleep tracking app. looking forward to seeing what kind of trends i can find in my sleep patterns.

PiyushNexus says:

i lost weight and gain energy. wanna buy Nexus 10.

erz2192 says:

I have been using apps on my Galaxy Nexus- Nike+, Endomondo, and Fitness Buddy to stay in shape. I would love to get a Jawbone Up to help track all of my stats constantly.

blak8830 says:

Gotta do more core work, and eat less!

Ronnet says:

Fitness month came exactly at the right time for me. Due to the bad weather I started to neglect on my weekly exercises. It reminded me to keep things up with Endomondo and the 6 Weeks Training app. It also introduced me to Runtastic (which has a fantastic modern UI) but in the end I decided to stick with the apps I already used. Which doesnt matter as all that matters are the end-results. Hopefully next month the improved weather will be enough to motivate me!

ripcity00 says:

Have been getting back on schedule with workouts during Fitness Month. Enjoy using software to help track diet, exercise and weight loss.

abaggy says:

This was a great way to get me thinking more about my health and incorporating the many tips and apps that were presented here into my daily routine. Look forward to future series like this!

viinsanity says:

Inspired me to keep track of my fitness instead of just doing things here and there when I felt like it.

radewa says:

I would love to win because I will have great device in my hand to control my fitness information, buy some fitness apps for my device! Love to win !

Premium1 says:

I got multiple apps to help keep me moving towards my goals and also help me in meeting and maintaining those goals that I set.

iirishassassin says:

I was planning on making a change in 2013. January 1st, I started my transformation. The Mobile Nations fitness month came out at just the right time to keep me focused and on track. I checked on the fitness/diet apps people were using and also reading the comments about how well your readers were doing really inspired me to stick with the program.

To date, I've lost 6% bodyfat and am in the best shape of my life. I have some progress pics up on my profile below.

liamk101 says:

How have you loose all that bodyfat in such a short time?

Best regards!

iirishassassin says:

Liam - I did a 9 day cleanse and added cardio into every workout and eating well every meal.

liamk101 says:

What kind of cleanse did you do?

emjayess says:

You helped me discover relevant apps that I also told friends and family about, thanks!

mithmal says:

I've lost 7 lbs since i been using mobile fitness.

bodezzz says:

As a Fire Fighter it's important to me to stay in shape and to stay active and as a geek I love playing with all the new fitness devices and apps. It's exciting to see fitness/health and technology coming together. I learned a lot and enjoyed reading the fitness month posts.

PhoenixApple says:

I learned how IOS and technology can help me better with fitness in my life.

rich1017 says:

Pretty sure an Ipad mini will help me lose that last 10 lbs.

troystaylor says:

Time to start running again!

beri says:

Ive been running a lot more! dropped 1min off my mile and feeling a lot better within myself!

GlennRuss says:

The "sleep" show was the best. I thought I knew a lot, but it really taught me how to sleep properly. I even started using a sleep app to learn how much I move during the night. I no longer watch TV, Mac in the lap while in the bed. I have a nice chair, and watch TV, but once in the bed, everything off. I also liked Georgia's idea about turing the alarm clock away from you. I did wake up as normal, and always looked at the clock, and started calculating how much time I had left to sleep. I am also a night person. I do my best when up at 3A, but I am retired, and work part-time usually at night, so used to sleeping in the day. I also have black out style curtains. I now have a lot more information to get at a better lifestyle change. Thanks iMore, this has been a great series.

jvernwald says:

I good jump start to the muscle definition that I want.. every bit helps right?!?

broadwayblues says:

I have lost about 15 pounds this month, although I did get a little bit of a head start. I use MyfitnessPal and Runkeeper to keep up with my progress. Thanks for the Mobile Nations podcasts to keep my company.

prewanabe says:

I try to stay in decent shape but for the last 2 years Fitness month inspires me to do a little more and share my results. Since the start of the year I've lost 10 lbs and feel great.

Yell0w says:

helpful tips that have contributed to the way I think about exercise.

stab244 says:

I learned that I'm a lazy SoB and need motivation to work out. Please?

hibackhand says:

always good to hear what apps are relevent and what tips to focus on. Thanks for the month!

W1LL1AMC says:

I have used apps to track my weight, watch my calorie intake, and set set fitness goals. Apps have improved my quality of life! iMore ROCKS!

sortingitout says:

What was most surprising was the info I got out of your segment on sleep. We all know that a person can get a little wacko when there's a lack but hearing some of the science behind the benefits of sleep, the tips on getting a better sleep, the perils of things like sleeps aids (too often) and how it really should be part of the fitness routine. Thanks.

Nodnerb says:

Honestly i didn't "learn" a lot about fitness pre se'. I've been certified as a personal trainer out of personal interest, but dont do it for a living and I exercise regularly. I have been active and have lived a healthy lifestyle for the majority of my 38 years alive.
What I did learn though is that it is awesome that you are getting the message out about healthy living and lifestyle choices for longevity. Sappy, but true, as that all is I wanna win a new damn phone. :)

NAMISH says:

Following the Mobile Nations Fitness Months posts across the websites (iMore, AC, CB, and WPC) helped in motivating me to work on my health with a serious attitude. Ever since I got married a few months ago, I literally stopped watching my weight and started eating erratically. On top of that, workload at the office increased tenfold causing more stress throughout along with lack of sleep.

Although there were various useful tips and apps highlighted during this month, some have helped me in achieving my goals (or take strides in moving towards my ideal goals). "Cooking Light Recipes" is by far one of the best healthy eating recipes app that I've used thus far even though it doesn't have some features that other applications my have. And most importantly, the review of Stress Relief led me to try out some breathing exercises myself, which has led to a much more relaxed day at the office since then.

Thanks for helping in giving me a push in the right direction! :)


victorshikhman says:

Picked up a few good tips, but it's really the motivation and constant reminders that were more important.

Enzo83 says:

Mobile Nations Fitness Month in one word=Motivation. From all the videos and posts of the best fitness apps that are available, paid or free and knowing that Mobile Nations is into it, just gets me going. You guys come together and make sure that not only do you guys bring us the latest news about tech and Apple, but you always want to see us happy and feel great about life. Sometimes, when the tech world slows down a bit (just like my metabolism, oye!), you guys are giving us something unique and healthy to think about! And last time I checked, I cannot think of any other tech site(s) that sincerely care about their readers like Mobile Nations does. It only gets better from here. Thanks a lot guys and here's to next year!

heyload2 says:

With all the travel I do, the body weight exercises that I've found in Gorilla App are the best. An iPad mini with LTE would help keep me on track.

Darkgift says:

What I got out of fitness month? The motivation to quit smoking, the energy to getting back in shape, and the strength to get myself mentally sound. If it wasn't for Mobile Nations, none if that would have happened. For some reason it home this year. Maybe because I'm getting older with my 37th birthday right around the corner on March 13th....I don't know. Even if I don't win, thank you guys.

Jorge Pereira says:

My Fitbit is a great motivator .

33497746 says:

I would like to continue the program to lose the 5 pounds that I have

Yuliy Kurylo says:

Thanks for the inspiration!

I'll try to moving as much as possible and less to sit in one place.

BryanTheRed says:

Fitness month has motivated me to start getting healthy so that I may live a long and exciting life. Need to get in shape by mid May for mine and my wife's trip to the Dominican Republic! A nice shiny device would be a great companion on the trip!!

Agent-P says:

I got some pretty great tips for how to use different types of tech to help me stick to my workout routines. And the constant support from others participating definitely helped on those days when I just didn't feel like doing anything. I like to think during this time I've built some pretty good fitness habits.

Kronk says:

I gained renewed motivation and tools to implement after my upcoming surgery.

Pixelsinthesky says:

I started running and lost some weight :)!

rookier says:

New apps and new workouts.

END says:

Reading all the ideas was nice.
Always enjoy gathering as much information as possible.

In addition, I think it is just a great idea that the Mobile Nations crew came up with in having the fitness month.


drg says:

As much as I'm already a fitness buff, it was very buff to read about all the buff tech that can help achieve my buff goals. I'll most likely buy one of those buff Fitbit step readers and hope to see my buffness increase to new high buffs. Buff!

futureandroider says:

fitness month showed me how new technology can assist us in healthier choices

pepe68 says:

Well for me it's relaxtion and how it's important to take some time out in our crazy schedules!!
The wealth of information (with a little help from out TECH) goes a long way to remind us to we need to take care ourselves! Mind, Body & Soul!!


ajm135 says:

well i lost 10 pounds thanks to many of the suggestions and apps like runtastic and such. So this helping me to keep it up since it feels great

therandomone says:

Fitness month has helped motivate me to get back in the habit of exercising more. I've lost and kept off 40 pounds since May of last year, and when the holidays came, I kinda fell out of the habit of working out regularly. Basically, it guilted me into doing what I know I should be doing already.

Tony_11 says:

There's many apps that I've tried to incorporate to help me maintain a good workout, but in the end, my iPhone and iPod have been used for music during my workouts, while my other devices have been a primary source for Endomondo. Also, the podcasts are great!

LGrecording says:

It made me realize what a powerful tool the iPhone can be. Having a healthier lifestyle coach in your pocket is amazing.

phil9o says:

mobile nations motivated me to get back in the gym. Downloaded many apps on the ipad and Im working out every day since.

GreyGhostRos says:

Well I have been trying to do the opposite.. Trying to put on some wait.. (I am almost underweight for my height)
But I did follow your videos and figured in generality it should be pretty similar right?
So started eating healthier, Working out a bit more (better use of free time), and going on runs in the evening.
Gained only 1 Kg as yet though :(

Dbusby says:

I've lost 8lbs in 2 weeks and counting. There's no excuse for me to not be healthy. I've downloaded the Fooducate, fitness, My Weight apps. Technology has made it convenient for my to be healthy. Thanks guys !

komeilkarimi says:

I sat heavily on the couch with a bag of chips in hand and said to myself I will one day do this

steenrock01 says:

Helped showing me some apps and helped me stay motivated with my workout, Thanks

eureb says:

I use Endomondo Pro to track my nightly walks with my dog

fone_fanatic says:

I just moved in to a new place and while I've mostly been setting up, I do have a plan to start a daily work out.


founds some really cool fitness apps other than the ones I currently use. I also enjoyed sharing my experiences with iMore

dwain77 says:

It's easier to work out with a friend helping to motivate you...this month Mobile Nations was that friend.

tyguy829 says:

I have started getting up at 5:45 before school to go for a nice run. I can't get enough of the Endomodo app on my Gnex!

jackbcohen2 says:

I have lost weight, slept better, ate healthier and felt better all month. I've also lost 10 pounds! The contests helped motivate me and knowing that everyone else in the Mobile Nations community was participating made me want to as well. If I got the gift card, I would get a Nexus 4 to help me track runs with Zombies, Run! and track everything else with Fitocracy. Thanks so much Mobile Nations!!!!!!!

brandon_L says:

So far, my main exercise has been trying to push myself away from the table!

cchs227 says:

Ah, may I refer to Fitness Month as my savior or what?
That dream body that I've been working for since my early teenage years is finally beginning to exist. I've learned so many tips and easy tactics to making exercise not only enduring and exhilarating, but entertaining too!

justflorin says:

i rested cuz i hurt my back....ive enjoyed the articles and as soon as my back stops hurting i plan on revisiting the multiple threads and do it on my own time, hopefully with a new tablet :-DDD

wer404 says:

I just started 2 weeks ago to being in a diet, working out and eating healthy but this makes me happy to know that I will get rewarded. I would like a Nexus 7 32gb and something that will hold it near me when I run. Thank you for this!!

G.4 says:

Thanks to all your tips, today marks my third week in a row of running using apps on my phone to track my progress. I have also been tracking my caloric intake using MyFitnessPal and quit drinking! I feel great and I'm going to keep it up- it's a lifestyle not a diet. Thanks iMore!

Appogee says:

Loved the suggestions given, but I ended sticking to my Insanity workout and let me just say the cardio work is crazy.

RWWackostu says:

I learned how powerful my iPhone can be in helping me get to my goals! Thanks to all involved for raising awareness.An iPhone 5 would make it even easier!

Vanti says:

I am going to be honest with you. I am not fat in anyway. I am slim built and athletic and therefore i did not keep up with fitness month as i do with other news and posts. Also i have a very high metabolism, and can shed calories effortlessly which i attribute to my youthful nineteen years of age.

I started to drink V8 Splash and surprisingly love most of the flavors...... Thats all i got
( Would love an itunes gift card to put towards an IP5 )

mouseglider says:

Made me thing of how unfit I am, hope I can get my arse in gear and do the deed :-)

Fredy N says:

Help me see what other geeks are doing and keep up what i was already doing. :-)

redsandvb says:

I sat on the couch the whole time...

Kevin2314 says:

with fitness month I've begun my training one again and have been going strong I've turned my body fat into muscle and have lost the facial great that made me feel the worst I'm confident and think I deserve a little reward.

Quarks_ says:

Fitness Month has inspired me to take up my Tae Kwon Do training again, going to go for black belt this year after a 12 year break.

Zach7 says:

Rocking the food tracking app and keeping off 60lbs since last year! Reviews were helpful this year sorting out which to use and a couple accessories I picked up.

jhulgan says:

Inspired to buy the P90x app and videos. And it was murder.

geetarnub says:

myfitnesspal is a great app. struggled with weight gain, i blame genetics, but i'm not too negative about it, i just know that i track calories, try to work out: cardio reps and weights too, it's not much, but it was definitely a start and now it's become a routine. my self esteem increased, though i didn't lose much, but i'm definitely keeping tabs on the healthy and positive outlook

dannyd86 says:

Fitness month came alongside month 2 of p90x so I was well on my way to fitness. Its always nice to read/watch other people getting in shape though. The companionship is really motivating. And when it comes to health and fitness theres always something new to learn.

avega619 says:

During this month I have lost a total of 8 percent body fat and gained some muscles although I can't work out everyday because of my hectic schedule (some days I am at school from 7am to 5 pm) I go to the gym whenever I can I also looked up some healthy recipes and I no longer eat as much as before and what I do eat is healthy for the most part the great part is I am hardly ever hungry which is a huge plus I still have a long way to go but no one ever said it was easy losing weight and it's my fault for not taking care of myself. I plan on still going to the gym and eating healthier from now on. The device I would want to get is probably an ipad mini so while I am on the treadmill I can read and not fall behind on my studies.

marc britten says:

I found a couple new apps and confirmed a few tricks that help me keep my routines fresh. A balanced approach has kept me in the gym 3 days a week for the last 3 years.

_iL33t_ says:

i use my phablet during all my workouts, gyms have some of the most awful playlists and tracks that do not help with maintaining concentration while working out. i've maintained my weight, but have converted a lot, and i mean A LOT of fat into muscle. i look and above all FEEL GREAT! thanx for the all the inspirations to keep me motivated!

Jay Mobile says:

I learned that my iPhone is better than a personal trainer at times

Purge_GT says:

I work out three-to-five days a week, and I push weights, do some cardio and plyometrics. It doesn't cause any weight loss though - food has always been the big thing.

Read Gary Taubes "Why we get fat" or better yet, Good Calories, Bad Calories if you're looking for weight loss and why the SAD diet doesn't work.

That being said - I use my phone constantly for music while I work out - and I'd love to have a new phone.

Seeing these articles occasionally reminds me of my goals, and I push a little harder.

danno.scu says:

All these fitness posts during mobile fitness month have really made me think about living a healthier life to be a better example for my son. With all these apps that are out there I can really get excited about living healthy. Hopefully that excitement will rub off on my son as he gets older. says:

It came just in time! im on college vacation right now and i planed on exercising a bit this month so when i saw this on mobilenations it really helped me keep motivated!!!

Ian#IM says:

I just found out about this. I'm all for being healthy.

jimmykwok91 says:

I've been inspired to find a balance between my study time and exercise time. As a student, I always study hard to get good grade all the time, that's why I am lack of exercise. I will plan regular exercise throughout the year while still maintaining the balance between it and my academic life.

miczroberts says:

i learned how to balance sleep, relaxation and of course exercise. i'm looking forward in continuing the progress i made in losing weight!

SteveW928 says:

The balance part is especially true, but hard to pull-off. I've done fairly well on changing my eating habits over the years, which has probably helped save me from my lack of a regular exercise program. That's on my goal-list for this year. But, I think it is very true that without incorporating it into your lifestyle, these changes are often short-lived.

Bibojim says:

Sadly I have been sitting on my couch watching TV. I do look at my Schwinn Airdyne that is next to said couch. I've had it for almost 10 years & rarely use it. I just don't like to exercise. But I do try to eat somewhat healthy. I've been an unhealthy vegetarian for the past 24 years.

tricarps says:

Helped me get motivated for a 10k run in April.

harsh_padia says:

First of all, a big thanks to Mobile Nations for running Mobile Nations Fitness Month !

I have managed to strike a balance between my academic and social life. I spend time with my friends without worrying about the impact it will have on my studies, as I complete my studies first.

I have also been inspired to exercise more regularly, eat the right foods and, to sleep early to keep my mind, body and soul balanced.

Keep up the good work ! :)

ninjatertle says:

I've learned to incorporate a workout routine into my daily schedule!

soumian says:

I'm planning on taking box training/fitness classes to keep this thing going!!

tigerhoodz06 says:

I learned some new apps and ways to stay on top of my workouts.

Ozy says:

I appreciate the review of the Fooducate app. I use it when I shop. It changes shopping choices.

I'm experimenting with several breathing and relaxation apps.

Am cutting out empty calories. My fridge has celery and carrot sections in water, so when I want to munch, more often than not I crunch into them instead of cereal or toast.

Bought Mark Bitman's apps, like "How to Cook Everything Vegetarian". Wow.

Am embracing the Mediterranean diet.

thanks for the month of good tips.

Fairclough says:

Great! I needed something to kick start my fitness and re joining rowing. At 17 I lost to the gold medalist this year by 1.5 seconds in the u/23 so this fitness thing has inspired me to retrain but now with the medalist as he was one of my brothers former team members. I have started running with my sister on weekends (she has dropped 20kg), running to my sessions were i coach 14 year olds which is about 10km when i can, cycling to uni about another 20km every day, going rowing 5-6 mornings a week and when I have breaks a long ride.

IT has made me manage my sleep, i approximately get 8ish hours always told never less and if you cant just rest your eyes at you will be 95% of your sleep. So i go to bed 8:30ish - 9 and wake up about 5am for training. If I can I will have a nanna nap during the day.

As for food, I have cut a lot of junk out my system, big breakies after training porridge / cereal but I do have a few treats as my coach says since i dropped for 79kg to 71.8-73 (changes) and I am a light weight (72.5kg and below) I should keep my eating habbits right up so i don't go too light into the 60s.

In winter thanks to you kick starting my plan my coaches and former coachs at my old school i coach at have created to bulk me up muscle wise in winter. I am 2 weeks into rowing but a month or two into my general fitness which this comp made me not give up on. They say it takes a month to create a fitness habbit and you guys have helped me. So thank-you from Tom Fairclough

Coolmixer says:

Fitness apps make aware a lot peoples about health. Anyone can get good information and tips from health apps anytime and also a best option to schedule daily exercise. Health apps becomes a very important part of lots of peoples in this technology world and the results are also very good.

Troubling_Paradise says:

Well, I got tips on how to keep that exercise routine
going. Mine usually just lasts for a week.
Thanks Fitness month!!

reevester says:

I use RunTastic Pro on my Nexus 4 while using my tablet (iPAD 2) for entertaining myself (and diverting my mind from the stats screen on the treadmill) while walking/jogging!!

iurgeredemption says:

Hello everyone,
I have recently come across and I am a new user and its very exciting.
I am habituated to daily workouts and i just do them regularly.
Well, I add a pinch of music into my routine with my ipod shuffle..!!!

prcntg says:

Good to see how everyone else is doing it. Both basics and tips/gadgets.

ngc says:

Would love an iPad Mini as a personal trainer at home or at the gym!!!

toosweetnitemare says:

my motivation is to have a new phone to work out with.

dmedesha says:

I've got sore legs, new bruises, lost two pounds, fell off my bar stool last night. But, hey, can always use a new device. Thanks!

mjcostajr says:

This is the only gadget blog that has ever spent an entire month dedicated to fitness & technology (as far as I know) and I've absolutely loved it. As a fitness & technology junkie, I would love to see you guys extend this all year long! (Or at least maybe do a "fitness tech" post once a week).

When you search for fitness and technology on the web - there's not much - anymore! I've been inspired by reading what other forum members have contributed regarding their favorite apps, tech, workouts, and eating/sleeping habits. We can all pay personal trainers lots of money to share their favorite tips - but why should we when this crowd sourced information is great! Keep it up iMore!

Regardless, I've been inspired to research how technology and fitness can continue to improve my family's lifestyle. We're more conscious of what we eat (by recording our intake), more conscious about our activity (fitbit tracking), and more conscious about our health (Withings, etc).

Also, as a health care professional, apps like Runtastic's Heart Rate monitor helps to measure cardiac levels pre & post work outs, but also allow me to measure patient's vital signs...

It's an exciting world - keep up the great work iMore!

mitch_melkonian says:

Fitness Month truly pushed me to become a healthier individual by changing my lifestyle. The gym is a daily routine as of now with healthy meals at lunch and dinner! Thank you so much! Hopefully there will be a new gym buddy after this contest! :-)

goodevening says:

It got me motivated. I am using the FitBit, My Fitness Pal, Weight Watchers, and the Aria scale to track the food I eat and how far I am walking everyday. I also started using the Zumba game on the Wii to work out at home since it is too cold for me outside. All of these together have helped me to see what I need to do to get to my goal.

fleetfoot says:

I am exercising six days a week for 35 minutes starting at the beginning of January. I am tracking my workouts with endomondo pro and tracking my calorie intake with myfitnesspal. Having the tracking software on my phone has helped with motivation. I feel stronger and more alert. I sleep better.

mgleye says:

I have been eating WAYYYYYYYY healthier this month. I have noticed a dramatic change in my energy levels and my ability to retain information

rhenford says:

I got a fitbit based on a review I saw here and made a change in my diet. I'm eating less meat now. I've gone from 96 kilos down to 92. I'm happy and I think I will continue watching what I eat and what I do going forward.

clarksandholtz says:

It's been good to have an excuse to kick my butt into working out again!

Nilesh Somani says:

Inspired on how to keep track of calories consumed and calories burned per day which helped a lot in reduce my weight by 3 pounds. \m/

Callum Fraser says:

got my fitbit one and loving it.

So much to decide from I'm not 100% sure what id get.

Negaduck says:

I got this app to hel me do push ups (free for a day 100+pushups). Great app but after my first day I couldn't move my arms for 3 days. My arms are already a little bigger; check it out.

GeekGie says:

Through all the apps and workout recommendations, as well as just living a healthier lifestyle mostly I've been motivated to get into the gym more and actually push myself. As for the future, it'll be a little more difficult but I plan on keeping up my gym time as much as possibly during my deployment.

Sarcone says:

I found some good apps for keeping track of my diet and exercise. I'm also using the xbox kinect zumba for exercising.

abc1111 says:

The Fitness month made me think about my health. I should be eating well, have a good sleeping habit and, of course, be doing exercise regularly. I really should start soon. :D

landjo77 says:

Your "Fitness Month" helped get me out of the holiday slump and back into my regular exercise routines. Thank you for this!!

Katie Contests says:

I've used all the info to help myself recover from a long illness and surgery! The tips helped me improve my activity level and my diet :)

xnio333x says:

Learned more about alternatives to runkeeper. I'm training for two half marathons and one full marathon in '13 and this will be very helpful!

pbatton54 says:

Fitness has always been my passion. I have even
tried to instill in my children how important
it is. Fortunately they have made it part of their
lives. I follow imore daily and truly enjoy your
efforts. First time for me with Fitness month.
Look forward to manyore chat rolls with the imore

girish bhari says:

i lost a few pounds in the month of mobile nations fitness month .The reason being i was sick and to regain my health back i used to follow the fitness mantra .Would have followed the tips better if i would had a tablet which would keep connected with you much longer than a computer does.thanking you and WISH OTHERS GET INSPIRED BY THIS MONTH AND CONTINUE TO MAINTAIN THIER HEALTH

jordanfernandes says:

i dont use any apps to track my progress but i give all these insights to my mom and dad. well im really skinny so i just eat all i can to put some meat on them bones. But my dad used to over eat and now i told him how to go about with it and explained all the details about how it takes 20 min for the brain to tell us that our stomach is full. i also take them with me for a morning walk and i take my dog along as well. Feb fitness month was really great and gave me alot of info which i really didnt know. I am going to keep me and my family fit and healthy from now on :)

OhioBB says:

Using some new apps on my iPhone for running instead of my Nike Sportband.


the tree says:

Talking about balance for the end of fitness month...
I balance a lot, a full time job working 50 hours a week, a second job working 30 hours a week, a wife to keep happy, and an active 4 year old that has soccer, tball, school, and play dates to organize.

on top of that I am training for the Chicago marathon, and after losing 160lbs I am lifting and running my way to be an inspirational role model for all the people who want to lose the weight and look good but keep thinking whatever they see on TV or hear on the radio is the newest fad. The diet industry is a vicious cycle and a horrible marketing monster that preys on the fact that they KNOW you will fail.

eat better, lift weights, do some cardio each week, and stop sitting on the couch.

I say this to a lot of people, I don't know who said it first, but I say it a lot.
There are more places on this planet that you have NOT seen than you have seen, go out, live your adventure, have purpose, win your race, see your's never too late to start living.

I would get an Iphone5, because it would help simplify my life with my wife/daughter/schedule for training/work/running
use endomodo, bodybot, google music, podcaster, music, HR monitor, nike run, and nike fuel if I had an Iphone(no android app)

kvand says:

I got some ideas from reading other peoples comments.

BeyondtheTech says:

I downloaded the PX-90 app on my iPhone when it went free. I don't know if I'm cheap or lazy, but the in-app purchases for the exercises are what are holding me back. LOL

bp3dots says:

I got inspired seeing regular people get excited about fitness!

glenners says:

nothing happens until I get started and then do it the right way for me.

pstmd says:

Dropped 5 pounds, increased the weights I'm lifting by quite a lot - got past the plateau!

I plan to keep going and we'll se how I did at the next fitness month

jfaneuf says:

I have literally just sat on the couch and played video games but I will be in motion soon ;-P

sawinter says:

Fitness Month has been jam-packed with awesome tips but the most important things I've learned about are a few new apps that help me keep to my workout routine as well as keep track of what I've been eating.

suraj.das says:

Fitness month is awesome! From the apps you guys have suggested.. I selected 6 week training and my god! My chest has increased by 3 inches! Now no one calls me a skeleton! Thanks you guys :) THANK YOU MOBILE NATIONS!

jhtechservices says:

I had so much fun with fitness month, it was inspiring to see how my devices can be used with fitness. Thanks to your advice, I am no longer bored on the treadmill!

hankwatt says:

I don't mean to brag and I dont mean to boast...j/k but the awareness was very helpful knowing I had my mobile community getting fit at the same time I am.

Steps I'v taken to drop 20 lbs in 26 days (from 235 to 215 and counting!):

#1) Watch "Forks Over Knives" and "Vegucated" on Netflix (mobile)
#2) Go Peskatarian, Take Corella (anti-mercury) with your salmon or albacore! $4 per half pound at the salad bar in your grocery store. Also the Chipolte veggie bowl is $6.82. I did zero exercise in my first week.
#3) Buy the armband for your mobile and use Map my Run/Ride and Zombies, Run!
#4) Sideload P90X on your phone and use it during your lunch break. You need a towel and a yoga mat.
#5) Enjoy the compliments that come with your new lifestyle!

Bcloutier says:

It's reminded me that I need to keep fit during university. With lots of classes and work I don't have much free time, but Fitness Month has kept keeping in shape on my mind. I haven't lost any weight, because at 19 years old and my size, I don't need to, but I have maintained my weight and fitness.

shultsy75 says:

I have lost 10 pounds working out with Insanity paired with a low carb diet. I am also using the "FATCALC" app to track my body composition!

i_arpit says:

It is due to all the fitness tips I got....that I was so impressed I made an account I am a glad member :)
Thank you Mobile Nations Fitness Month for changing my wrong habits and helping me adopt new healthy habits :)

TheStrider says:

Loving my Endomondo app for tracking my runs!

cloakinghalk says:

I have been able to fit a workout routine into my schedule. Im also eating better and tracking calories with a fitness app. Im going to continue to work out and limit the amount of alcohol I consume.

isma_mail says:

I have remembered how important is to do exercise. Mens sana in corpore sano ;)

feraask says:

I just liked learning about all the different apps that I hadn't even heard of yet to help me track and improve my workouts! :)

TripNFry says:

I only wish Feb was longer for more healthy tips!

playbook_007 says:

I like how it helped me to track my progress and improve my health

Kmwhite says:

I have learned the importance of diet and exercise. I will strive to exercise at least an hour daily and drink lots of water. Learning about all the fitness apps was very helpful. I have found a workout that works for me. My journey starts now.

smthkat789 says:

I got some insight and tips from the programs and working in to my core fitness

Ricky Babalu says:

Time to start living healthy!!

Jobook1 says:

you guys have kept me pumped during this crazy month of sports!!! I laterally have sport 5 to 6 times a week! Somehow I still manage to make my way to mobile nations????

Dan@ says:

Started eating better and have lost 10lbs over the past month. Plan on to continue and hope to loose another 20lbs.

Iphone7291 says:

Mobile nations fitness month inspired me to start working out, again! It provided me with lots of information and informed me about mobile apps to use to help keep up with my fitness goals. It's awesome to be able to track your fitness with a touch of your phone!!

Dic Doc says:

I got my first iPhone5 2 weeks ago. My daughter's iPad Mini helped sway me over. Now I am using the Nike app and Gorilla Workouts. I would love an iPad Mini for myself for my TRX videos and other fitness apps!

360Mobiles says:

Hopefully his will get me motivated

MelaBee says:

I've lost 9lbs by watching what I et because full time school & full time work don't leave me much time for the gym. I was tiring of the calorie counting but your highlight of fooducate led me to some healthier alternatives that took my focus off counting once I switched to foods with grades B or better. I would love a Zumba game for some workout fun on my own time.

hulickr says:

Great to see all the tips and comments to help us use our tech to improve our personal health.

smileyboy says:

The importance of rest. I feel like there is so much to see and do and its hard to go to sleep at times.

facedown41 says:

No concrete accomplishments but I'm definitely better prepared for basic training next month.

Clubcarib says:

I finally started running again after a long hiatus. I'm using the run keeper app to track mileage and keep me motivated.

Soemantrie Ars says:

Got motivated to keep my training up and some nice apps to try out

dmstrom says:

One word: motivation. I have become a fitness tech fanatic, and I have seen the results!

Doing it all alone doesn't work. The tech helps, but it is being part of a community all working toward the same goal is what makes it work.

henrymagnusrex says:

Fitness month was great for me. Motivated me to look into other podcasting apps and I've since adopted Downcast. I also really liked the podcast with Crackberry Kevin.

As well, just posting some ideas for others really helped motivate me to practice what I preach. Been hitting it harder since then.

hanksimon says:

I listen to music on my iPod while lifting weights.

Jordan2348 says:

Fitness month reminded me to get back to my new years resolution and I use Spotify to liven up my workouts.

fduhart says:

Using my iPhone with nike+ running I finally got that extra motivation with friends to get out there. The UP band from Jawbone was my choice for relaxation and controlled sleeping and Weightbot to track my weight; I have lost about 12 kg (I'm from Mexico) you guys kept me wanting to stay healthier! For four weeks, every week toy had something else for me to go get it. Thnx!

zdn1042 says:

It's all about discipline! Motivation, balance, and determination! Setting a goal!

drmarolf says:

Fitness month has been fun. It has motivated me to work even harder at Cross Fit!

Dionte says:

I'm still using the app my fitness pal that I learned about last year during imore fitness month.

prolongExistence says:

Fitness month... my fingers sure are getting skinny from scrolling through all these fitness articles!

rajgug says:

an awesome clubbing of technology and a hardcore workout! FITNESS!!!

huntersworld says:

I have completed my third half marathon. I used runkeeper for my practice sessions. awsome app.

Nathan Grey says:

So far I have lost 38 pounds. What has helped me the most recently has been the apps showcased on imore.

BigRhet says:

I got some great tips especially from the Zen podcast as to how I can increase my daily energy, to get the most out of the day!!

pepperonijack says:

Well to be honest, I mostly watched you while slouching on my couch. But you made me feel guilty so I started doing a few push-ups everyday.

doublin says:

I used Endemondo alot and took in consideration most of your suggestions.No real weight change but I dont need,but I feel a loooot better.

nsis88 says:

the tips jump starts and motivates one to live a healthier lifestyle.

sgillila777 says:

I've learned that sleep is my most deficient area when it comes to health and although there are a number of apps to assist with this, none of them are the perfect fit. I am encouraged by the development in this area though and I believe as more advanced sensors are made available the iOS platform should become an even more powerful tool for helping me achieve a more sane sleep cycle. Oh, and Runkeeper Pro is the best running app that I've ever used :-) Thanks for fitness month Mobile Nations!

gtmerciless says:

For some reason I had never really thought to look into fitness apps on the phone always equating them with nike fitbit and other peripherals, but I took this opportunity and grabbed a few to test out over the next few weeks.

rdstryr says:

I have been inspired to eat clean and limit my eating to content instead of stuffed. I'm pretty sure I have lost about 5lbs from this. Now all I have to do is make sure I actually make it to the gym constantly instead of sporadically.

bimmin says:

I've mostly sat on my butt this month. I do come to Mobile Nation everyday to look for updates. I live in a cold part of the US where its much easier to be lazy this time of year. I do have the SmartRunner app on my phone. In the summer I often bike to work and I'll use this app to track my distance and time. Keep up the good work!

jean15paul says:

I really enjoyed the sleep and relaxation podcast. I have a sleep disorder and am very interested in sleep science. There was a lot of good information and tips!

Massie says:

As I creep up on 40, it's been great to have regular reminders about staying fit--and not just from gym-rat friends, but from people whose interests and habits are more in line with my own!

RoxanneIsNumber1 says:

i haven't lost weight but lost body fat. weight went from 175lbs/24%bf to 172lbs/20%bf in 1 month.

Been doing the P90X program using the iPad and been skateboarding.

angermeans says:

I really enjoyed fitness month and have kept it up as I run and try to work out wi my wife a couple times a week. It has been really refreshing to see these wonderful developers create such amazing apps that really take advantage of iOS. Thanks for this segment of articles I had a lot of fun.

jeffmilton says:

Our entire family in 3 states has started tracking their calories and exercise and we're eating better because of it. Total weight Loss is over 40 lbs. so far!

fabriciopatron says:

I've lost 22 pounds since December. It's been the most empowering thing I've ever done.
I couldn't have done it without Runkeeper, Nike+ and You are your own gym.

RIOSMH says:

I gained some nice tips from listening to the weekly Zen and Tech podcasts with Rene, Georgia, and guests.

Reyeinn says:

All the app suggestions helped me find apps to make working out less of a chore.

rwl420 says:

Lost about 18 pounds after eating healthier with tips from Georgia's post. Some great app mentions as well.

StephenDavis says:

Well I heard about the fitness month thing, but you know how it goes. This will help motivate me to be healthier. Thanks again for the chance to win a new device.

AfroZepher says:

Sore calves and motivation. . .lego!!!

130hp says:

Fitness month has motivated me to get off my ass.

trickedoutdavid says:

okay, I haven't lost any weight... but i'm not big... not a stick either... i consider myself fairly fit... so instead of eating less, I began to eat better... hopefully I can stick to this for a long time though admittedly, I tend to change things up alot... also found a lot of apps to track my work... a stopwatch, a skiing progress tracker, and a food diary...

hakuroji says:

Technology is a great motivator. It broadens my outlook, my knowledge and draws me into a community of like minded people. Fitness month got me back on the bike, back with my friends and into a better lifestyle and mind set...and I can keep a record of all that with modern devices in a variety of ways.

dbraski says:

For me technology is a great motivator to exercise and eat healthy. This month with fitness month I have learned of great new apps and devices that I can use to help me out with my health and fitness goals. Thanks for all the great information!

kb1234 says:

Youve got me into finding a new way to exercise, hiking!! there are tons of places to go hiking out here in San Diego, Ca, and I just love being outdoors with such a great workout!! id love to use that cash towards my Z10!!! The first thing I would do is create a "remember" folder with everything hiking! websites, photos, videos, voicenotes of where to visit next!!!

Paunngaq says:

Fitness month has been motivational for me. I completely stopped exercising in January and the beginning of February, but in the last week and a half I've lost 4lbs. It may not seem like much but it is to me

daveandjen1999 says:

What I've gotten . . . motivation! Joined a gym, working hard!

rhettwhite82 says:

Inspired on how to keep track of calories consumed

manneo says:

I was totally motivated by the mobile nation commitment to health and fitness. I also stopped soda and juice consumption for the month and i feel great.

Flip4Bytes says:

Every time I went to the site,I was motivated to turn around (after reading a few articles of course) and go to the gym for an hour or two. Normally when I'm bored I'd find my way to the site, but you guys quickly motivated me to get off my 8utt. Its a great motivation to an otherwise very lazy activity. Thanks so much guys/gals, and keep it up! :)

roelsamson20 says:

I Knowed How to Eat a Balanced Diet and a Balanced Exercise, I also Learned in the Video some Tips how to Burn Fats.... ^_^ Great Video really Helpful to Have a Healthy LifeStyle, Great Work!

Filth.Injector says:

i use the usual fitness apps during my daily workout !!!
motivates me 2 keeep headn to the gym as well as keeping in shape eating wise :)

melan26 says:

It should be fun and there are apps out there that can help us.

peregrineay says:

The Mobile Nations fitness month helped me figure out which phone to look for because some of these fitness apps look very useful!

sandman369 says:

After reading about all the different ways to incorporate technology with fitness, I've actually been more motivated to go to the gym.

Tanker57 says:

I lost 5 lbs using RunKeeper to track not only my outdoors running but now i know i can track my treadmill and stationary bike work too.

czhDavid says:

Well i stoped drinking, smoking. Started running regulary with runtastic and also now i am eating healty. Lost 9 pounds in 2 weeks and i hope that those two weeks are just beging of many years that are comming. They were making fun of me in pub when i was just sitting there with tea.
I also took a picture from first day and now after two weeks. This is the biggest motivation of all. The change.
It is all abotu being persistent

ml814 says:

My Garmin is a couple years old and the articles gave me alternatives to track my biking and running workouts.

mytime545 says:

Apps and accessories are awesome for me ...found very new and interesting apps.

smith2sc says:

I enjoyed reading other peoples results and tips on what they were achieving, nothing more motivating then having people around you going through the same thing. Got some good apps to go along with my workouts.

hobojo says:

I've enjoyed the fitness podcasts of late. Its amazing what electronic devices can do these days. I've simply been listening to your all's podcast while I walk. Lost 5 lbs. so far this month. Winning this contest would be a great opportunity to purchase additional equipment to aid in loosing a few more pounds. Thanks for all that you all are doing.

vinayak0521 says:

I only visit twice a day and make sure I dont miss out any news/article. Its been really great that imore has been taking efforts for fitness.

tnymnky11 says:

I just loved watching the podcasts and picking up some fitness apps to try out!

khl says:

I like using Runtastic to keep track of my workouts. It is inspiring to read the comments on how we have our own ways to get fit and keep fit.

Legellan says:

The nutrition tips and how to eat healthier as a lifestyle!

5hea says:

To be completely honest, I haven't gotten up off my backside and changed anything dramatically... yet. But if there's one thing this month has acheived, it's definitely highlighted many of the options out there in terms of motivational tools, and guides, and easier ways to actually get some sensible information which can help a fitness newbie like me get started. More than anything, I've just been surprised by how quickly tech seems to be infiltrating the fitness industry, and I feel like it's just about time for me to get on board. I may not be visibly overweight or anything, but I'm definitely not as fit as I'd like to be. With all these new tools to motivate me, help me get more out of exercise, and pick up the pace of a more active lifestyle, I may just go ahead and begin. As a technology / gadget lover, I've come to see that there's probably never been a better time to dive in.

JK80 says:

I have been on the couch 4 too long. But this series has inspired me to change things.

Sheldon Werenka says:

I have lost 5 pound doing and watching this.if I win an ipad I could go all the way and lose my goal!!!!! So I want an ipad 4 64gb for all fitness items

venerezloki says:

mobile nations fitness month helped me discover how i could use a smartphone instead of a clumsy notepad

Ecut93 says:

I added yoga to my morning routine!

Tmil2000 says:

i lost 34 pounds with nike+ on my iPhone 2

Yunlu says:

it was inspiring to see how my devices can be used with fitness

tweetyscute says:

I was motivated this month to try new things and research more types exercise

bor42 says:

I'm not huge on physical activites but I read most articles and definitely now have a nice source for the future when/if I'll try to get in shape :)