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iTunes gets updated, check out the new MiniPlayer!

There's a new iTunes update in town, and at the top of the list of new goodies is a new look MiniPlayer. The tiny little iTunes window has had a makeover that now includes a progress bar for the track currently playing, alongside your album artwork too. It may well be tiny, but it does look a lot nicer now, so good job on that front, Apple.

Also getting the visual makeover treatment is the songs view. With this latest update you can enjoy all your album artwork whilst in songs view. It's a small touch, but I know from personal tastes that having album artwork on show just makes the whole experience a little more pleasurable. But, that's just me.

That's not all though. Also improved in iTunes 11.0.3 is support for multi-disc albums. No more will separate discs be listed as separate albums, all discs will now appear in your iTunes library as a single album. Something I've wanted for some time, as I'm sure countless other users have.

Grab a copy of iTunes 11.0.3 from the download link below, or by heading into Software Update on your Mac, or iTunes on your Mac or Windows PC and hitting check for updates. Once you're done, head on back here and let us know how you like the new updates.

Richard Devine

Senior Editor at iMore, part time racing driver, full time British guy

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There are 22 comments. Add yours.

NAMISH says:

Downloading now... I'm gonna rock the mini-player!!!

prophoto1 says:

downloading asap! can't wait to see the changes!

Mon Tolentino says:

Sorry if i'm being so stupid but, how does this "multi-disc albums" works? I literally don't understand. can anybody explain further?

kch50428 says:

If an album came on multiple CDs... and if you ripped those to your iTunes library - you'd have them organized as "Album title - Disk# - Track#"... now they'll be organized as "Album title - Track#"

Mon Tolentino says:

oooooh. got it, thanks :) I thought that thing is about combining all singles in one album, (I know you can by putting them in one album with same album name) but iTunes is so stupid, it will choose the album art for the whole album to the first track of the album, since the first track is a single with a different artwork, it will be the default artwork for the whole album :( I hope iTunes fix this now, it's been a long time.

SnapThrow says:

I'm still confused -- and I'm not home to download and take a look myself yet -- but now I use the disc 1 of 2 and 2 of 2 to keep multi-disc CDs organized and iTunes and play them fine. I personally don't want a double-disc with let's say each disc containing 12 songs to be listed as one big disc with 24 songs. Is that what the change is? I prefer it to be disc 1 of 2 with 12 songs and disc 2 of 2 with 12 songs -- all under the same album name -- which is an accurate representation of the source.

Derrick4Real says:

i don't even use the disc of tag. Like my box sets are all one album name and like 74 tracks. no "of" part.

SnapThrow says:

I hear you... but that's exactly what I don't want. I'm picky about organization and tagging and IMO the way you do it does not maintain an accurate representation of the source. Anyway, I still haven't updated at home to check out what the change actually is... will this weekend though

jasondeno says:

Reminds me a lot of WinAmp cerca 1999. Which is fine. I really liked WinAmp!

iSRS says:

Is it crashing even when nothing is playing? I have iTunes open all the time, and since the upgrade today, crashed 3 or 4 times already!

kazn3r says:

i hope they fixed what problems ive had recently. speed.

.garridarko says:

i dont have any controls or a progress bar on the mini player, just a search box, wtf?

alokeprasad says:

I see 2 apps that need to be updated, but the "download Updates" button is missing. I see just "Get More Apps" in the lower right corner in the List mode.
Edit" The Update button has moved next to the List button. Duh!
But why these insignificant changes? Just to thow me off?

highlightshadow says:

I just reinstalled iTunes twice, rebooted .... couldn't spot the updates button... silly UI change but glad you spotted..saved me some more work

jmherndon says:

this is a cool part of the new version that really helps. You can right click to update the app individually or look at the top of the screen when you are in your apps library for can NOW see what's new in the update from the update screen and of course update them all at once.

alokeprasad says:

You could always do all that in the old version of iTunes. You could see the list of apps needing updates and update them all at once even in the older iTunes.
All they did here was move the button.

jmherndon says:

I'm not seeing the artwork in Songs view of my library....does anybody know what the trick is?

babs1003 says:

Show view options
Right under "Sort By", check the box for "Show Artwork"

emjayess says:

Thanks--had the same problem. But I also don't see the multi-disc changes--any trick for that?

lucky8919 says:

The album artwork was always present in the mini player.... it's not something new! :s

SEMDI says:

Is this still in the mini viewer or the main window.... I see no difference.

'Also getting the visual makeover treatment is the songs view. With this latest update you can enjoy all your album artwork whilst in songs view. It's a small touch, but I know from personal tastes that having album artwork on show just makes the whole experience a little more pleasurable"