Purported gold iPhone 5S shell leaks out with a taste of Champagne

We've talked a lot about the rumored gold iPhone 5s in recent days, but a new leaked image out of Japan (by way of Nowhereeelse.fr) claims to show the shell of the phone in all its glory. Unlike some previous images that have done the rounds, this comes bearing the Apple logo, the iPhone branding, and is a healthy shade of Champagne, as we're expecting it to be.

It's all officially speculation of course until it's actually launched, but we're lead to believe it is real, and that the next iPhone for the first time will come in three different color options. Sadly, the shell in this image is missing the plastic parts at the top and bottom, which may have been able to give an indicator as to the color of the front of the phone.

We all have mixed opinions on the thought of a gold iPhone, but seeing this, if real, I'm slightly less put off. Sat next to the black and white iPhone 5, it doesn't look all that ridiculous, a lot more tasteful than many may have imagined. But, it's still not confirmation by any stretch of the imagination. For that, we'll have to wait until September 10.

Let me know your thoughts on it, though. Tempted, or still an outright no? Don't forget too, to enter the iMore Countdown to iPhone 5s competition, where you could walk away with $500 towards the next iPhone of your dreams. Even a gold one!

Source: ASCII Plus via Nowhereelse.fr

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Reader comments

Purported gold iPhone 5S shell leaks out with a taste of Champagne


It's honestly not that bad at all! Might get one just to switch things up after 6 years!

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Knock me if you want but I think it looks awful. Black, white and silver are fine but that color is terrible and will only be exacerbated if carried to the front.

What plastic parts? The inserts in the back of the phone are white. And the champagne phone will most likely be sporting white glass. Of course white men (especially from the US) will hate it. But I expect it will be popular with women, young people and outside of the US.

I do not think it looks that bad. A few earlier images that were floating around the web made me think it was a bad idea for Apple to make the phone in this color, but now not so much. Depending on how it looks all around, I may be switching to the "Champagne" colored iPhone.

I actually like the champagne look. Do people really think they can afford they keep things the same forever? It's called evolving, folks. I salute Apple for taking risks and keeping negative naysayers at bay. It must be incredibly difficult to continue pushing a company that Steve Jobs made so legendary. Many may disagree but I still see innovation and improvement! Yes, iOS 7 beta's (6) still may have a few bugs and the new OS may scare some people but nothing compares to the fluidity and eco-system of Apple products! Bring on the new colors!!

Reminds me of a Marantz hi-fi I had back in the early 80s - not for me, thanks. Trouble is, I don't think it really looks gaudy/brash enough for the folks who *do* want a gold phone - all the aftermarket gold applications I've seen have been very 'brassy'-looking, and as hard as it is to imagine, I think a 'champagne gold' finish may actually be a bit too tasteful for some...

I don't know about you guys but the middle iPhone casing looks like plain aluminium, not champagne at all. the far right looks like a white iPhone with some blue plastic covering it.

To me it looks like (L,R) black, what is white today (without the glass ends), and the far right looks like the white glass back of the 4s.

Sorry but that looks terrible, of all the good colors out there to choose from they go with this gaudy "champagne"??? I guess it fits the pattern of apple trying to impress the tasteless like seen with iOS 7.

I can already see Samsung filming a commercial making fun of it.