We get it! We get it! Tim Cook wasn't cloned from Steve Jobs!

Tim Cook gets profiled

A new profile of Apple CEO Tim Cook includes a few interesting bits on how he manages Apple. While he is known as a calm, methodical leader, one who operates perhaps less on gut and more on numbers, he also has a decisive streak. For instance, the reorganization of Apple's leadership last fall was a decisive move by Cook. Disney CEO and Apple board member Bob Iger told Reuters:

"The vision that Tim had to involve Jony and to essentially connect two very, very important Apple initiatives or areas of focus - that was a big decision on Tim's part and he made it independently and very, very resolutely," said Bob Iger, CEO of Walt Disney Co. and an Apple director.

Cook is also said to have acted quickly after the launch of iOS 6, when many users complained about the quality of Apple's new Maps application. Cook went around then-iOS head Scott Forstall, in charge of Maps at the time, to Eddy Cue, SVP of Internet Software and Services to get to work on fixing the problem.

One thing that the past couple of years have made clear is that Tim Cook is his own man. He's not Steve Jobs, and isn't trying to be. And he's certainly changed Apple. More than any product launch, changing the internal structure of the company may just be Cook's enduring legacy. Where before, Apple was divided into semi-independent branches, the company now functions as a cohesive unit, with one group for software and one for hardware, all wrapped in the designs of Jony Ive. With new products on their way, both for this fall and through 2014, we may know sooner rather than later what Tim Cook's Apple is fully capable of.

As to the rest of the piece, it's a little whacky, so ignore the commentary and focus instead on the comments and quotes. Data driven indeed.

Source: Reuters

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Reader comments

We get it! We get it! Tim Cook wasn't cloned from Steve Jobs!


I think it is too early to preach doom as many do. We need to give Apple time. What´s more, Apple has been doing well thus far.

Remember Cook is not inexperienced when it comes to running Apple, he had a lot of input even when Jobs was alive. Truth be told this is a different Apple, but it can be just as, or maybe even more successful than it was before, only time will tell.

I think Tim is a better CEO than Steve. If Steve was still in charge Apple would have been in a lot more trouble than it is today.

Yes, we all miss Steve's style, however, when it comes to Tim Cook I believe that Steve Jobs knew him very well, chose him over everyone else and knew what he was capable of doing,
asked of Tim not to ask what I, (Steve Jobs) would do, do what feels right and take care of Apple. Well folks, believe it or not this is what' s happening.

I also miss Steve Jobs but belive Tim Cook is right for the times which we are living and the issues we are now facing, he is a strong well thought out man. I pledge we all give him all the opportunities to run our company, he did work very close with our former friend and CEO Steve Jobs.


What it seems people are forgetting is Steve Jobs had all these blueprints for plans that he had that went unfinished the iPhone 5 iPad mini and a few others were all signed off by Jobs himself so they are in reality criticizing Steve Jobs ideas not Tim Cook's he's just carrying on the dream .

True - that may as well be the case, however a visionary leader must evolve with the current environment.

iPhone 5 design isn't as one hand friendly as advertised and people may argue and Apple may be justified within technological limitations for the time. Did it leave a good after taste ? No !

We have come to expect Apple to push the envelope when needed and in that respect iPhone 5S has people's expectations to fulfill.

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And I too agree with that point as well, There are expectations as an Apple customer to have the newest and the best I love the new iOS and the different direction and the new pushing the envelope further. My point was that what they are judging Tim Cook on wasn't fully Tim Cooks dream of the future Apple but Steve Jobs' Apple as well, If not more so Steve Jobs ideas rather than Tim Cook's.

The question I ask myself - since after 4S - would Steve Jobs release iPhone 5, having seen the competition ?
Would he be happy with the form factor/choice of materials and its marriage with iOS 6 ?
Clearly problems had crept in way before Cook.

But Cook released it and that's where the debate begins - do we expect bold decisions - yes !

I keep coming back to 5S - if it's anything to go by with regards to form factor alone - it would be immensely disappointing. That's Cook's test for me.

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Based on your highly critical analysis, what say you tell us what Apple needs to fix to be whatever it is that you think Apple needs to be?

I await your genius.

Ok forget about 'lighter & thinner' for one year then maybe allow for a swappable battery, micro sd slot OR add some simple features to the OS such as the ability to kill all running apps at once, small on screen symbol to show your phone is on mute, the ability to use any sound or song for any notification, the ability to use a 3rd party Alarm app that you don't have to remember to leave running before putting your phone to sleep & a whole host of simple but very necessary features that have been available to the jailbreak community for years. There's a only so much 'Smaller & Thinner' you can take. People are switching to the S4 in droves because it allows you to do most things you want not what the maker assumes is enough. It doesn't take a genius to figure that one out.

How about making coffee and toast for you in the morning...
Never enough.
I think it would be safe to say you don't like the "CLOSED" system?

Yeah my son jail broke his phone. I love watching him having to spring board all the time because of apps crashing. So he can have all his little fun "geehgah" bs running.

As for what you want...

You need to understand that cell phones have evolved from cell phones to computers that you carry in your pocket.

I would wager that 85% of the lunkheads out there, the ma and pas are as clueless on their phones as they are with computers. They don't need all the CRAP you or my son seem to think they need.

They want to have a camera and be able to take pictures. They want a phone. They may even want the internet and the ability to find out where the hell they are when the are traveling and lost with maps.

They don't care two squirts for the crap you are talking about or want on your phone.

Apple customer care has to deal with these folks. Not too mention the coneheads like you that screw your phone up and brick it.

But I could be wrong. I have been in marketing for a long time. KNOW your target audience.

Really? You can't see the forest through the trees...

Well I'm sorry we are not all as perfect as you. Your probably a hero in your parts where all men want to be you & all the women want to be with you. Anyway your boring me so don't talk to me anymore.

Why would you want replaceable battery and external SD?!? What are you, stuck in 2008?

There are trade offs in everything. Also with an external battery and external SD card. Apple made the right trade off in this case, as you see more and more manufacturers go the same way. (Even Googles Nexus phones don't have SD cards...)
Try to educate yourself a little on these issues...

Well a replacement battery would be cheaper than the mophie helium case I'm currently rocking & I guess if I bought a 16gb iPhone I could probably pay for a 64gb sd card & it would still work out cheaper than my 32gb iPhone 5. Of course the next issue with the sd card is the fact that dragging & dropping files such as music & photos etc should be such a simple task but because of the dreaded iTunes it makes a simple task sometimes really complicated. I'm a self confessed total Apple fan boy & will by the next iPhone even if its just a measly 5s with only internal 'improvements' & i'll no doubt be unimpressed as I was with the iPhone 4/4s situation but still stuck with it because I'm brainwashed by Apple. But what I see is a more than usual shift from iPhone to A.N.Other which shows that slowly people are loosing interest. That's all.

"One thing that the past couple of years have made clear is that Tim Cook is his own man. He's not Steve Jobs, and isn't trying to be. And he's certainly changed Apple. "

I'm confused here?

You're rehashing a story told by someone else? And for what?

Not to mention Iger's insight... That clod was a failure at Disney. Steve kick his ass out and said, "F you. Let the adults in the room talk." "Back to the kids table."

Steve is DEAD! Let's get over it. He was a genius and great.
This kind of crap happens in business all the time. He wasn't the only GREAT CEO.

Tim took over and is doing "HIS" thing. Got it!

The trivial BS story regurgitated from the "Doom and Gloom" financial goons to rial up the market and investors, is a pathetic "Drive By" slash piece for reactionary purposes.

I came to this site because RUSH said it was informative.

TEACH ME something about important stuff.

Not FRIGGIN Tim isn't Steve. Hell, even Steve knows that, and he is dead.


People who want to be "impressed" need to remember that smartphones are becoming commodity hardware like PCs.

You can't keep improving them with hardware alone for much longer. With 1080p/720p screens, 12MP cameras and multicore CPUs, the limit of what's making sense to put in a smartphone has mostly been reached.

It's all incremental improvements from here, the smartphone is a mature market, and the age of revolutions is over.

(Just look at Android. All of the Android manufacturers are mostly competing on price, and they all offer mostly the same hardware: 720/1080 screens, different Qualcomm CPUs and 12MP cameras)