Apple reportedly opens up iWork for iCloud beta to all, go try it out!

Reports are coming in this morning that Apple has now opened up the iWork for iCloud beta to anyone with a registered Apple ID. This comes after the initial launch to registered developers only, and then a small number of selected non-developer accounts. But, now it seems everyone can go ahead and try out Apple's cloud based productivity suite.

Since iWork is a collection of paid apps in the Mac App Store, for many this may be their first time even looking at one of the apps in any form. Our own early impressions of iWork for iCloud beta are that Apple has produced a solid product, that while not necessarily fitting everyones needs, comes close enough to the native Mac versions for many tasks. It also opens up the iWork suite for the first time to non-Mac and non-iOS users, since you can access this through your browser on a Windows PC too.

We're unable to verify this ourselves at this time, as our own accounts are either registered developer accounts or had already been selected previously for access. That's where you guys come in. If you're now able to try out iWork for iCloud beta for the first time, drop us a line in the comments!

Source: Spider-Mac via Engadget

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Reader comments

Apple reportedly opens up iWork for iCloud beta to all, go try it out!


It's odd because I had access to these new beta features several weeks back when Renee posted about it. I'm not even an iCloud user! I wonder what their criteria is then.

The iWork stuff seemed fine but I didn't continue to use it since I didn't have the iOS version to match.

Selected Apple ID's were selected by Apple for early access. My non-dev account was one of those as well. Now it seems everyone with an Apple ID can sign in and take a look :)

Doesn't work in Chrome. If you try and open a file, an error message pops up. Thus far it's only worked in IE. A unsupported browser message pops up in Safari and Firefox

It popped up, initially saying it doesn't like my browser (Firefox), but dismissing that, I seemed to have gained access. Tried the virtual Pages, but as there's no (obvious) way to set the 'Save' format, one assumes a user can't export as, say, a .doc - but only as .pages. Really? .pages? Who in any sort of business / sharing frameworks saves in .pages? Might as well save as .clarisworks or .wks.

I guess its trying to compete with Google Drive, but I don't much care for its proprietary file format either, for largely the same reason as iWork.

Actually it can be quite useful. First of all it auto saves. And if you want to share the document, you click "Share". Then you can send it as a .pages, .pdf, or.doc file.

So it looks like Apple realizes the needs for compatibility.

Yeah, but you can't Export / Share / Save as... back to iCloud as .doc file - say, after you've tweaked the file. The best you can do is send it back to your computer and then, from there, drag the file back to iCloud. Yeah, Apple knows all about user intuitive software.


hmm why no firefox support? also anybody else feel it looks really lo-res? i mean as in the buttons look really big? im used to tiny buttons, it looks blown up like 640x480 resolution

I only use firefox and it works fine for me, actually been using the new site for a couple weeks now.