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Best weather apps for iPad: Today Weather, Clear Day, Ultraweather, and more!

The very best weather apps for iPad from minimal to feature packed, and everything in between

Since there's no iPad version of the built-in iPhone and iPod touch Weather app, if you want to find out the temperature or check the forecast on the big screen, you need to turn to the App Store. But there you run into a second problem - too many great weather apps to choose from. It's one of the most popular app categories on the store, and developers and designers have had a field day making the perfect weather apps to suit a wide range of needs. So many, in fact, choosing just the right one to suit your needs can be almost overwhelming. That's where we come in. From minimalist or power-packed, here are our favorite weather apps for iPad!

Yahoo Weather

Yahoo Weather is much like the native weather app on the iPhone. In fact, it is the same thing, just with more in depth information. For those that like the stock Weather app on the iPhone, Yahoo Weather will quickly become your favorite iPad weather app. Yahoo Weather for iPad shows gorgeous photos and animations of Flickr users in the background. Scroll up to see more weather info including maps, sunrise/sunset information, wind speed, forecasts, and more. Yahoo Weather is beautifully done and houses enough information for the majority of people.

If you want a great balance between gorgeous interface and just enough information, it doesn't get much better than Yahoo Weather.

Clear Day

Clear Day, formally Weather HD, is one of the most gorgeous weather apps you'll see. The main screen shows conditions along with a beautiful animated background that alternates as long as its on the screen. Along the bottom you can toggle between current weather, maps, and Clear Day's quickview feature. Quickview shows you a brief overview of current conditions of every place you've added to Clear Day. Swipe back and forth to switch locations. Swipe up and down to view more or less information on the main screen. If there are ever weather alerts in your area, they'll appear along the top of the screen in a red banner.

If you want a breathtaking experience and don't need super advanced weather information, get Clear Day.

Magical Weather

Magical Weather works as a system of tiles that represent different locations. Just add all the placed you want weather info for and you're good to go. Each tile shows a quick visual depiction of current conditions in that area. Tap on any of the tiles in order to expand that particular area. Much like Clear Day, Magical Weather uses gorgeous images and animations to represent current weather conditions. I personally prefer the layout style of Magical Weather because it's a nice compromise between detailed information and interface. It's a great example that you can have both.

If you want a decent amount of information but don't want that to come at the sake of interface, check out Magical Weather.

Today Weather

Today Weather, which is powered by both and Dark Sky, is not only a gorgeous app, it's very easy to use. Just add the locations you'd like to monitor and Today Weather takes care of the rest. With many views to toggle between, Today Weather is versatile which means it can fit the needs of almost anybody. If there are Dark Sky alerts in your area, Today Weather pulls them in as well. One of my favorite features of Today Weather has always been the unique interface for high and low temperature charts. It's easy to read and just gorgeous.

If you don't care about fancy animations but still want a beautifully designed app, Today Weather is where you want to be.


If minimalistic is you, Ultraweather should be right up your alley. Just launch the app, give it access to your current location and you're done. Ultraweather will then show you current conditions combined with beautiful images from Instagram. If you want to see your own images, Ultraweather says you can upload photos of weather conditions to Instagram and you may see them cycle through as well. Tapping on the current weather information shows high and low temps, wind speed, chance for rain, and wind direction. Tap again to see a five day forecast.

If you want quick and dirty weather info wrapped in a beautiful package, Ultraweather is for you.

$1.99 - Download Now

Intellicast HD

Intellicast HD is one of the most feature packed weather apps you're going to come across, period. With great maps that show current and future conditions paired with lots of forecast information, you won't miss a beat when it comes to the weather. From visibility to humidity to news and more, Intellicast HD is the app for hardcore weather checkers. Sadly, it does so at the sake of interface as so many weather apps do. There's also not a premium version anymore which means like it or not, you're stuck with ads.

If information density is more important to you than polish and design, Intellicast HD fits the bill just fine.

Your picks?

These may be our favorite picks for best weather apps on the iPad, but we all know you guys are great at finding apps too. If you're using something different, be sure to share it with us in the comments below!

Allyson Kazmucha

Editor for iMore, Potter pundit, and the ninja in your iOS

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There are 24 comments. Add yours.

EPJS says:

I use a The Weather Channel (TWC) app. Been using it for years.

WhyAreYouHere says:

Yes TWC app is the Best!

Sent from the iMore App

mulasien says:

Agreed. Most of these 'visually appealing' weather apps don't have weather radar, making them pretty but useless. Function over form when it comes to weather. TWC for me.

JNGold says:

Check The Weather. Universal. Dark Sky and Forcast.Io as well.

Galley says:

WeatherPro is currently celebration its 5th birthday. It, and companion app MeteoEarth, are on sale.

Becjr says:

Developers should provide greater distinction between their paid

ron_hites says:

WeatherBug is an excellent app that I use...

Rowanova says:

A big plus 1 here for WeatherBug as well.

Sent from the iMore App

captobie says:

WeatherBug all the way. I'm a big weather junkie and WB is my go-to app on both my iPhone and iPad.

Penique says:

I have three or four weather apps but Intellicast is the one I keep going back to. I upgraded to "no ads" and more extensive storm alerts six months ago and just renewed for six months @ $1.99 so maybe I'm grandfathered?

CORYK333 says:

Accuweather has been my go to for years.....TWC is a solid 1 also. Surprised (not really tho, going by recent "best apps" articles) they weren't listed......

MooPenguin32 says:

I like Check The Weather by David Smith. It's a universal app that looks and works great on the iPad.

Vortec 5.3 says: seems nice

Sent from the iMore App

pinpoint007 says: powered apps look nice, but unfortunately accuracy is iffy in many parts of the world outside the US. I haven't found an accurate weather app yet.

skyhawk85u says:

I have always really liked My-Cast on the iPhone. I've never found another app that beats the simple yet powerful design. Unfortunately they never came out with an iPad app and, worse, it hasn't been updated in 2 years so I guess it's a dead product. :(

Clay Browne says:

Weather Underground is awesome for local rainfall amounts and current up-to-date localized temps!!!

Sent from the iMore App

metreece says:

Yes, Weather Underground app is my favorite. Lots of information. I used to use just the website but the App is great on iPhone 5.

ggore says:

Yes, the Wundermap app is great for live radar and showing weather watch/warning boxes during storms. Love it.

cdhabolt says:

I use The Weather Channel app, I just prefer it over my local news apps.

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RachelGoober1 says:

Perfect Weather is awesome! It includes weather data, live radar, alerts, and more. It looks beautiful too. I don't mind paying for an app as good as this one.

Jason49 says:

The Yahoo Weather app is my favorite. I like that it pulls pictures from Flickr based on the actual weather outside.

Sent from the iMore App

booboolala2000 says:

Google does great for me. That and the weather channel. I still wish Apple did widgets.

Mischlingemann says:

I like Clear Day's interface and I like the wealth of data I get with Intellicast. I wish software manufacturers could stay away from politics in their apps. Clear Day's development indicates a political slant (East Jerusalem, Palestine weather). I find this ridiculous and needless attention to highly debatable issues to create an app somewhat distracting. What's the point, Clear Day; the weather or your politics? Dumping Clear Day.