Crazy Rumor Tuesday: Touch Screen Remote for New Apple TV?


Is Apple planning a larger, touch-screen enabled remote control to go along with a next generation Apple TV? Boy Genius' tipster, the same one who leaked iTunes 9 app organization and social integration, says yes indeed. And if the image above is accurate, one of the updates will be -- Safari. (No sign of Apps yet, though...)

Would this really be a lower-cost option to something like the Remote App for iPhone and iPod touch, which could conceivably do anything a dedicated remote could do and more? (Actually, adding Bluetooth to an Apple TV for more persistent, don't have to wait for WiFi to reconnect, iPhone remote would be even better!)

Along those lines, we don't see Apple investing this much in a single-purpose remote control, even if it can control Macs, docked iPods, etc. as well, given what they're doing with the iPhone platforms, but stranger things have happened.

You want?

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Crazy Rumor Tuesday: Touch Screen Remote for New Apple TV?


Man, if this is true, Apple is trying get every penny out of us that they can.... I would rather Apple make a really nice remote app which works on the iPhone or iPod Touch for the iTV. I have a great touch screen device already why not make an app for that like everything else.

This is the most absurd thing that I have ever heard. Why would they not make this an iPhone application?? You can already control the Apple TV through the iPhone but they could make that app better and more reliable (in my experience). But who would spend a couple hundred dollars on a single use touch screen device like this?

It wouldn't be a couple hundred it would be less the ipdo touch is 199. Also look at how much you can spend on a harmony remote which is far less cool. Now we just need an automated home feature so we can install something into our existing light switches so I can control lights and dimmers too. Now that would be a must have device for me and of course if I could use my iPhone too that's all the better but not everyone has or wants an iPhone so this could be a nice addition that would appeal to a slightly older crowd

In my opinion, this would almost have to be fake. It seems like Apple would never waste the time or funds to develop such a large device (in terms of hardware AND software) that serves only one purpose on a (let's face it) dying device. The other thing that seems to be a giveaway on it being fake is the Safari integration. Why would Apple build in a way to use Safari on Apple TV, so you can use HULU or Netflix? And hurt their sales that they can get through the iTunes store built into the Apple TV? Not a chance in hell. And other than that, they know that if someone wants to browse the internet on their TV, they'll figure out how to hook up their current mac or buy a mac mini for their tv instead.

Umm...i use a logitech harmony remote. I don't want another remote.
If Apple can somehow get me live HD locals and a few other HD channels, incorporate DVR functions and enable us to transfer them to iphone or stream saved shows from iphone...then i'm game to buy one.
Otherwise it's pretty simple to plug a computer with hdmi to the tv or receiver and use itunes.

Why drive up the cost of the Apple TV? Release an app for it and drive some sales of Apple TV since people will see they can control it from their iPhone/iPod Touch.

I think this would be a great way to enhance the Apple TV product, moving away from the little infrared remote to a slick touchscreen one that is dedicated to the Apple TV and won't leave the room for a phone call like my iPhone does.
If it has a standby button I'm sold!

Update the iPhone app. You make it sound like everyone on earth owns an iPhone. So if you don't have an iPhone you don't get a remote??

Surely that is just a stretched Zune? I don't see any use for it with an Apple TV. If there was to be an awesome iPhone remote app though, I'd be very interested. Full control of a TV system is the only thing missing on the iPhone.

If this is true, no way it will work with anything but Apple TV. For those comparing the cost to a good universal remote, remember that they can control the TV, DVD, DVR, Stereo, etc. No way I would buy this, even if I had an Apple TV.

Apple is apparently planning a wireless home theatre system that will plug into airtunes, apple tv, surround sound. I would presume they would need an upgraded remote from the existing one, as not everyone leaves the iphone/touch as a sole remote.