iPod touch 4 running Apple TV Lowtide interface

Apple TV Lowtide running on iPod touch 4

Lowtide runs the Apple TV interface, similar to how SpringBoard runs the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad home screen system, and it looks like Apple designed the built-in iOS app with cross-device support because developer Dunstin Howett got it up and running on an iPod touch 4.

Erica Sadun from TUAW has the details:

This is probably not something you'll want to do yourself. And the reason is pretty technical, so please excuse me while I get all jargony on you. Extracting frameworks from the iPhone's "dyld" cache system was not enough to get the app to run (an approach I initially tried). Instead, you need to use caches native to Apple TV, which is the approach Howett used.

So it's more a proof-of-concept than anything practical at this point, but getting things to run where they ought not is like climbing a mountain -- because it's there.

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iPod touch 4 running Apple TV Lowtide interface


Looks like it crashed at the end. Basically it got started up and then system said "no, this is bad."

Let me inform you, this video is fake. And Lowtide WILL run on iPad. In Lowtide's Info.plist, it says that the iPad is supported. As for the "dangerous port", its the SAME firmware! The devices have the SAME A4 processor. He says you need a "firmware restore" just to cover it up. If you notice the video skips when the app is opened, he switches from the app's loading image to video in PORTRAIT mode. but the app only supports LANDSCAPE. The ipod is playing a video of an AppleTV2. Notice how buttons go off the edge of the screen? and how he's not really controlling it? It's a fake video, but it is possible to make it run on iPhone/iPod touch. As for iPad users, you'll have it in the next major update. Cheers!