iTunes TOS Leak Apple TV 3.0 with iTunes LP and iTunes Extra Support


MacRumors has been tipped that users attempting to make purchases in iTunes today are being greeted with new Terms of Service (ToS) which include the following, tantalizing line:

The Terms of Sale have been revised to clarify that you can now use iTunes LPs and iTunes Extras on Apple TV with software version 3.0 or higher.

Apple TV was introduced in 2006 and re-introduced alongside the original iPhone at Macworld 2007. It was bumped to OS 2.0 at Macworld 2008 when video rentals were introduced. Then... incremental updates only. The debut of iTunes LP and iTunes Extras at the Apple 2009 Music Event, in their Apple TV-friendly 720p format hinted at an update, and now let's hope Apple is finally ready to deliver it. (Along with their fancy new remote?)

Let's also hope Mac OS X's Front Row, currently languishing with an Apple TV 1.0 era interface gets a similar upgrade. Beyond 2.0 for real parity would be nice, especially considering the Mac Mini is marketed, in part, as an entertainment center. Right Apple?

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Reader comments

iTunes TOS Leak Apple TV 3.0 with iTunes LP and iTunes Extra Support


Boy this should make all 23 owners of apple tvs really happy.
But how is it relevant to iPhone users?

It would make me happy if I ever planned on buying any iTunes LP or iTunes Extra stuff, but so far I have no plans to (would only do so if the iTunes album price is the same as Amazon and it was one of those rare albums that I want enough to own the whole album but not enough to justify the higher price and slight hassle of a CD). I hope they add more features than that to 3.0 firmware.

As an Apple TV owner, this is awesome news! I bought the new Muse album and the new Alice in Chains albums from iTunes, and both of them included iTunes LP. I've been fairly impressed with the format so far. My main complaint is that it must be viewed on my computer. Viewing it on my Apple TV would be very cool. I'd like to have access on my iPhone too but not as much as ATV.