i.TV Gets its Netflix On!

We've talking about i.TV here on TiPb before, so what could get us to do it again? How about Netflix. How about built in? How about now!

Justin writes in to tell us about the awesomeness:

Netflix integration on [brings] a catalog of over 100k DVDs to our popular iPhone application. In addition to this, users can now manage their Netflix DVD and instant streaming queues straight from their iPhone or iPod touch.

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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

i.TV Gets its Netflix On!


This is really an amzing application I have had since it was launched and have yet to be impressed, I know this is only going to get better and better!!

I've also used i.TV since it came out. I was very happy with it until the last update. Now it always crashes within 10 seconds of launching it.

Muero--would you be willing to contact our support team with this issue? We might be able to help you out to get this fixed.